Three Beautiful Things

1. Tickets to Ray LaMontagne. Once he was our little known secret though recently his appearance on SNL will certainly pull him from obscurity. He’s a guitar playing, singer-song writer and one of my favorite musicians. Last year he came to my city but I found out too late and he was sold out. This year he’s performing in Asheville, NC. We signed up for the pre-sale and at ten o’clock on the dot when tickets went on sale we bought. I LOVE Asheville. I’d live there if I could. I am so excited to see my favorite musician in one of my favorite cities.

2. Brothers. They are the kind of brothers who will come for a visit and help you fix up your house as though its their own, who will dig through a trash can on a hunch your missing camera fell inside. They are friends I share my fears and joys with. They are two of the best people I know on this earth.

3. Walks on beautiful days. A friend and I go for a walk in the park every Saturday while our spouses play football. Lately the weather is stunning, and the walk breathtaking as deer play in the creek below, and small flowers begin to emerge from the brown earth.

3 thoughts on “Three Beautiful Things”

  1. Hi Aisha. I was gone for a while from the Country on business. When I came back, I heard that someone from our community in NY had killed his wife because she asked for Talaq. That reminded me of the Sandeela Kanwal case. Have you followed up on that ?What is it about these guys that even after living here for so many years, they cannot let go of these kind of nonsense ? Is this the only way they have to prove their “manhood” ?KH


  2. Great post. I love Ray LaMontagne. I try to be “that kind of brother” when I got see my little sister and I hope my son is that kind of brother to his three sisters. Walks on beautiful days….very nice. Did several last weekend. Clears the mind. Uplifts the attitude and refreshes the soul. Keep up the good work! : ) scottburkey.blogspot.com


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