109 in 2009

The February 109 in 2009 review

February is nearly over but the 109 in 2009 is going strong! Only 93 more to go! Yay 🙂 Here are the five I accomplished this month:

#17 See a live event. Cirque du Soleil comes here once a year for a few months with sold out performances. We found some good discounted tickets and went to see the show [Kooza this year]. If you’ve never been to Cirque, its a very cool acrobatic circus of sorts. There is a combination of story, contortionists, live music, acrobats, jugglers, and clowns. It was truly awesome.

#39 Wake up earlier for work and lounge. I made this a goal because most mornings I find myself hitting snooze too much and then making a mad dash to get ready and rush out the door often missing breakfast entirely. This past week I’ve been waking up nearly an hour before I need to leave and its been great to eat a bowl of cereal, drink some tea, watch the morning staple of Saved By the Bell and check e-mail and slowly get ready for work. I don’t know if I’ll keep it up, but it really is a nice savory feeling.

#50 Buy Boots. Boots make me feel chic and trendy, they warm my legs on cold winter mornings. I bought mine from the Kenneth Cole outlets and the price was a bargain. I heard that most outlets are selling at basement bargain prices so if you’re in the market for boots, check out the outlets.

#65 Try a new restaurant. I went to lunch with two dear friends at Nickiemoto’s a Japanese sushi, etc. restaurant in midtown. Its ranked top ten best sushi spot here, but I’d say that the little hole in the wall near my house is far superior and 1/3 the price.

#82 Try Pilates. I got a workout DVD from the library to try it out and I was sore for three days afterwards. I really enjoyed it but I can’t do half the positions! I admire those that can do this regularly.

4 thoughts on “The February 109 in 2009 review”

  1. Lucky@ Cirque du Soleil! Which Pilates CD did you get? I envy you, doing at least SOMETHING on your list. Unlike me. 😦 I’ve kept it secret since I never seem to get ANYTHING done!


  2. were there a lot of skantily dressed women in the cirque de soleil? i’m trying to decide if we should go and see it.


  3. What I like about these goals is that they are small and fun.I just found out today I achieved a small/medium-sized one, whichs is that I lost one or two more lbs.


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