Three Beautiful Things Thursday

Thursdays are the roughest day of the week for me. Maybe it is like this for everyone? Perhaps its because we’re in the trenches of the week and the issues that took root on Monday blossom into daffodils by Thursday waiting to be pruned by me, but only ME. Anyways- enough venting, here are three beautiful things Thursday.

1. K’s cooking: My hubby didn’t always cook on the regular. In fact, through law school, his cooking involved a telephone and Chinese takeout. Over the past few years he began trying a dish here or there, daals, okra, small tries but very well executed. Today I got a call.

K: I’m feeling some baked ziti. I’ll get the ingredients on my way home.
A: I don’t remember how to make it.
K: Oh don’t worry, I’ll make it.

If you know my K well, you just read this with your jaw dropped to the floor. I know, I know, but its true! This will be one full week, my first full week where K inspired dishes were the order of the evening. Though I feel a bit unmoored, I’m not complaining, this change of pace is the sort of thing I could really get used to.

2. Fridays: I used to think that on Fridays I should do exciting things since its the end of the week and you should celebrate that. But on the last day of the busy weekday I feel pure exhaustion. I want to do nothing more than to eat a salad at my favorite place (Zaxby’s) and go home to curl up on the couch and watch a movie. Fridays best enjoyed low key and in PJs if at all possible, are the most beautiful of all.

3. Artists: Watching good movies lately, and reading great books as well as seeing good artwork I just can’t help but be moved by the beauty that is in our hearts that often flows into an expressive format. The people with the visions they have are inspiring to me, particularly the passion with which they do their work since its usually not about the money for them but about something much greater. I am an emotional soul and so art is a natural home for a person like me. With art I feel understood, and I begin to understand.

5 thoughts on “Three Beautiful Things Thursday”

  1. Salaams sweetie,It is such a gift to have someone cook for you!I miss Basil’s cooking…mmm, all those rich desi dishes like haleem, nihari and achar gosht that he no longer has the time to cook.Have a beautiful weekend!Love,B


  2. ON Friday – I refuse to workout. I lounge about – read blogs and other non-political things and eat candy. I don’t like going out after that much work, I don’t know how others do it.


  3. I love that you make a big deal about Thursday’s — Thursday is the perfect day of the week: far enough away from Monday but still not too close to the weekend!! Love your blog–I think I will hang around for a little while if you don’t mind.


  4. Baraka, yum! I am looking forward to my next SF visit and eating some of these delectable delights!Pilgrim, thanks πŸ™‚ Yes Fridays rock! Hope you’re well.Meena, amen!Saima, welcome to the blog, thanks for the comment and I’d love it if you hang around πŸ™‚


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