109 in 2009

109 in 2009

So here it is, my 109 in 2009! Some of these are carry overs from last year, but this year hopefully I will accomplish them. But even if I don’t these lists serve as a reminder of what I value in my life and what I hope to accomplish. So many of us I feel live our lives in a daze, we have so much going on, work, children, responsibilities that often feel never ending, so you never stop to really think about the dreams and goals you have. Through listing, you at least become aware of what you want, and how to get it there. Some of my goals are simple, others are loftier, but I am confident that if I set my mind to it, I can accomplish every single one of these this year. Do you plan to do this too? Please share!

  1. Do the 100 book challenge! 12/09
  2. Read the Quran cover to cover again
  3. Research and create a book proposal/pitch 11/09
  4. Research and locate publishers and agents (at least 10) 10/09
  5. Send my novel out 11/09
  6. Write in my gratitude journal nightly for two weeks. 12/09
  7. Make a Hawaii scrapbook
  8. Lost 10 pounds
  9. Then lose another 10
  10. Get new glasses 1/09
  11. Re-order contacts 1/09
  12. Take a vacation 4/09 Asheville, NC
  13. Regrout my masterbath shower
  14. Hang up my Turkish light
  15. Go Kayaking or Whitewater rafting
  16. Finish my first draft of my next novel.
  17. See a live event 2/09 Cirque du Soleil (Kooza) SO COOL
  18. Buy Lost season 2 1/09
  19. Organize all my kitchen and bedroom drawers
  20. Donate clothes to charity 12/09
  21. Donate money to charity 8/09: Sleeping Children Around the World.
  22. Make homemade roti
  23. Send my parents a random gift just because
  24. Get a manicure/pedicure 5/09
  25. Go skiing
  26. Get a haircut 5/09
  27. String up lights in the awning
  28. Sprinkle flax seed on my food once a day for a month
  29. Exercise five days a week for a month 5/09
  30. Watch 5 hours of TV or less a week for two weeks.
  31. Go to a dentist appointment
  32. Get a physical
  33. Get my engagement/wedding band cleaned
  34. Go to the Container Store 10/09
  35. Floss daily for two weeks 4/09
  36. Learn to cook/bake six new things: baguette pizza, Shrimp Scampi, Mashed Cauliflower, Tuna steak, Kofte, pancakes. 9/09
  37. Don’t eat after dinner for one week
  38. Update my resume. 3/09
  39. Wake up thirty minutes earlier than needed for work so I can lounge and fully be awake. 2/09
  40. Order new water filter for fridge 5/09
  41. Help/Attend Ali’s wedding 5/09
  42. Buy a new vacuum cleaner
  43. Call Sprint and register our new phones
  44. Do a cabin trip 4/09 Asheville!
  45. Eat fruit once a week for a month 8/09 Once a day!
  46. Eat a bowl of pomegranate 11/09
  47. Buy a cute teapot
  48. Buy a catch-all box for my bill table
  49. Make a ‘basic ingredients’ list and inventory/update quantities in my house.
  50. Buy boots 2/09
  51. Eat a mango 3/09
  52. Spend one of my many Borders gift cards
  53. Make a recipe book
  54. Make a charity jar
  55. Buy a blowdrying brush and clips
  56. Eat grapefruit for breakfast for a week 1/09
  57. Pay my library fine 1/09
  58. Eat vegetarian for one week 4/09
  59. Attend a sporting event 4/09 Hawks game!
  60. Play poker 5/09 I was the champion, ofcourse!
  61. See the ocean 1/09
  62. Learn how to meditate 7/09
  63. Organize the kitchen cabinets
  64. Organize my bedroom closet
  65. Try a new never before eaten at restaurant 2/09 Nickiemotos!
  66. Buy a new breakfast table
  67. Make cute marble magnets for my fridge
  68. Buy a remote basket 12/09
  69. Keep my car clean for a month
  70. Have a do-nothing day where I guilt-free watch TV, read, and barely move from the couch. 1/09 <- This goal was completed a bit too soon I fear. Ah well.
  71. Buy shears for outdoors
  72. Go for Hajj/Umrah unless …
  73. Buy “Dreams from my Father” hardcover
  74. Find/Purchase a notebook for thoughts in my purse 1/09 working on organizing one of my drawers helped me find the perfect little note book. Funny how one goal lent itself to the other.
  75. Perfect broiling steak
  76. Make mashed cauliflower 5/09: honestly, didn’t like it!
  77. Clean up immediately after dinner for two weeks 10/09
  78. Go to Orlando and do the Medieval Times with the familia 12/09 (Arabian Nights but same concept/point)
  79. Dance at Ali’s wedding 5/09
  80. Reduce my internet use at home to one hour a day for a week
  81. Watch a favorite Disney movie and sing along to the songs
  82. Try Pilates 2/09 Kicked my butt!! I am still sore but I think I will continue to do it.
  83. Watch Office Space on a home alone day June 2009
  84. Buy comfy house slippers
  85. See my nephews 1/09
  86. Buy a large storage container to place under my bed 10/09
  87. Put new batteries in our scale 1/09
  88. Have a Lost party 1/09
  89. See the mountains. 4/09 Asheville, NC
  90. Try Masala Dosa 3/09
  91. Backup the final copy of my novel on hard-drive, attachment, memory stick
  92. See Madiha
  93. Stuff my floor pillows
  94. Organize my files at work 9/09
  95. See Aamina 4/09
  96. Get a bottlebrush
  97. See both of my friend Amber’s babies insh’allah 5/09
  98. Learn a new salad 5/09 Tuna salad is yum!
  99. Make my bed for one solid week 7/09
  100. Clean 15min upstairs/15min downstairs daily for two weeks 10/09
  101. Do something I’ve never done before. 5/09: Eat Oatmeal Pancakes.
  102. Do six random nice things for K for no reason or occasion.
  103. Pick a Spanish Tutorial CD and listen to all of it to freshen up my Spanish skills.
  104. Host a dinner party 1/09
  105. Record 10 great Everyone Loves Raymond Episodes 4/09
  106. Play air-hockey
  107. Make a Costa Rica scrapbook
  108. Figure out my next step 6/09

3 thoughts on “109 in 2009”

  1. I love this idea. I hate all those news articles that say that we shouldn’t make resolutions in the new year because it is too depressing when it turns out that we can’t keep them, because isn’t that kind of saying we shouldn’t have any goals ever? I have my own 109, and it is populated with a lot of goals relating to improving my knowledge of Islam, exercising, being more disciplined at work, and taking better care of myself. I think I will probably have to print out the list and frame it, so that I don’t try to avoid it and pretend like I never came up with a list, like I did last year. =-)


  2. nice list. i think i’m going to have to do this this year. I make weekly lists but i like the idea of a yearly one to see what i actually accomplish in a year. Thanks for the idea. đŸ™‚ miss ya btw.


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