108 in 2008, Year in Review

108 in 2008, overview!

January 2008 I made my 108 in 2008, 108 things I wished to accomplish in 2008. I met 48 goals. Though this constitutes a mere 44% of completed items, when I list out what I accomplished I’m quite amazed:

A final version of my novel- Eat sushi- Read 50 books- Stop biting my nails- Pay library fine and check out books- See the ocean- Eat out for lunch once a week for a month- Find a painter- Read 50 pieces of professional literature- Get a physical- Get my vision tested- Order contacts- Make a dentist appointment- Renew my passport- Don’t watch TV for a week- Visit my family- have a girls day with Madiha- Attend a live show- Buy a suit- Write a short story- See Aamina- Update my goals- Six lunch dates with friends- Donate clothing- Donate money- Have a full writing day- Star gaze- Run outdoors- Get another haircut- Send flowers to someone- Cook organic salmon- Write each evening for one month- Make a new dessert- Take a vacation- Clean 20 mins daily for month, Buy PJs, Abstain from diet soda for a week, framed photo for work, vote, load dishes each night for a month.

I’m quite pleased with what I accomplished though in some ways I’m perplexed by some of the simple things I did not accomplish such as eating a bowl of pomegranate! Seriously? It seems so simple!

I enjoyed having this list so much that I’m now motivated to do it again and take lessons from last year’s lists to make a more doable list for the coming year. If you make one too please share!

8 thoughts on “108 in 2008, overview!”

  1. thats awsome…. some of us are so lazy that we dont even make a list cuz thats like knocking you head with all the things you have to do plus it makes you feel even more guilty that you wasted another year and didnt even achive a goal whereas if you dont have a list you are never have time to think about it 😉


  2. Anaa, long time 🙂 Hopefully it will be published sometime in the next year… God willing though.Yesterday, thanks for your comment, maybe you will do one too? If so please share!


  3. This was such a beautiful post, Aisha. I must say that you never cease to amaze me. As I grow older, I realize more and more just how important it is to appreciate the good in your life, despite all the adversity and curve balls that life throws at you. And, it’s especially hard when people out there only choose to focus on the bad and how their life could be better. Thank you for such inspiring words. In fact, is it okay, if I quote you? Happy New Year to you too, btw! 🙂


  4. Good job with your list. You have inspired me. I don’t know if I’ll come up with 109, but I am going to attempt doing my own list this year. 🙂I noticed you disappeared from facebook. Hope that you are doing well. I am sure you are busy but I would love to hear from you if you ever get a moment. ~Summer


  5. Zehra, thanks, I’m glad you liked what I had to say, and ofcourse you can quote me. Its been a while, I hope you are well.Summer, yeah I disappeared a month or so ago from FB, too much drama I guess- but I’ll email you soon and catch up! I hope you’re well.


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