Remember me?

I haven’t posted in a while. Partly because I’ve been out of town and here and there doing this and that. You know, the usual stuff that preoccupies one from attending to their bloggy duties. Lately I find myself opening up the “create post” button, typing in the starts of what I want to say and then experiencing a writer’s block of sorts. It’s not that I don’t have things to say, I do. It’s just that when I finally sit down to begin, I feel a little tired. I’m not sure if the affliction is terminal to my blog or just a one time cold that will soon pass. I guess I will let time tell. In the meantime belated Eid Mubarak and hope all of you out there are doing great.

6 thoughts on “Remember me?”

  1. You seem so weary. Its like your blogging duties are really getting to you. Maybe you feel pressure to post and slowly feel the days slipping by and know with each day, people are wondering what happened. Don’t worry Aisha. Just tell everyone you went to blogger’s rehab and won’t be available until the New Year or for a surprise visit. But then again, I want to visit your blog more often. So that’s motivation …keeping in touch.


  2. Eid Mubarak Suroor and Anisa, Mystic and Sadeya, Glad to know y’all still read- I am finishing my novel and just been proccupied with it… i hope all of you are well.


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