9 thoughts on “Barack Obama, my President”

  1. Ash, Baraka, Cindy, Mezba, YAYYAYY!!!! 🙂 But Mezba, America did the right thing… here in Georgia….. racism still persists as evidenced by the voting skew.


  2. I stayed up way too late. I couldn’t tear myself away. I was in tears. So happy, so excited for the new era we are entering. I feel a sense of pride that I haven’t had in years. I’m glad I helped elect this man.


  3. Anisa, hope captures it exactly!Jane, I can imagine. Was your states one of the former red ones? That was the most inspiring to me, when I saw Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and then INDIANA go blue my jaw dropped. Sometimes I end up focusing on the crazy racist people who are so vile and vicious towards him, but at the end of the day he won, he won fair and square and WE voted for him, the American people. I will focus on them and I will feel proud for my nation.


  4. Nope, I’m proud to live in a blue state. I don’t think it’s ever been red, at least it hasn’t been in the last five elections, but I’m from the north. I was psyched when I saw Florida and Ohio go blue. What a night!


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