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Bad days, voting, and hope.

On two hours of sleep I drove 100 miles at 6:00am for a meeting that lasted 10 minutes and had a I should have stayed in bed hugging my binkie blanket day to follow it. The dishwasher refused to clean my dishes. My car’s new rear tires are going flat. I’m freezing. I’m tired. I’m feeling overwhelmed. But- the part of my day that involved standing in thirty degree weather for three hours waiting to cast my ballot was the most beautiful part of my day. As I stood in the booth and stared at the names staring back at me, it hit me again the blessing it is to have the right to vote. Children clung to their parent’s arms their eyes half closed, their parent’s with their uniforms still on, tireder still. An old lady in front of me, with a big hat finished her last round of chemo for Ovarian cancer and stood in line in front of us. She walked with a limp as the hours passed but she refused to sit for even a moment. As I saw the crowd of diverse people inching their way down I felt proud that this is my Country. That we are a Democracy. Because it is this, which gives me hope. Today, though I will go to bed a bit heart broken, a bit bone weary, I will sleep with a smile knowing that I voted, I voted, I voted, and that it felt great.

4 thoughts on “Bad days, voting, and hope.”

  1. This is second time, in last few weeks, you wrote about flat tires.Check it out properly…(and yes I still feel euphorivc about my vote 10 days ago)


  2. I have seen several stories on the news about early voting and the turn-out that has resulted. I am very encouraged. I think that back in 2000, with so few votes separating the two candidates, for the first time in most voters’ lives, they realized that their vote counts. Ever since then, there have been lines that can only be described as incredible. At least something good came out of the 2000 election.


  3. The Sign thing was great and really enjoy your points about voting. Your writing always has a wonderful flow to it and I continue to be pleased every time I return. Thanks again!


  4. Mystic- yeah I may need to replace the tires 😦 but i just bought them so am resisting. Not wise, I know.Pilgrim Chick, yeah, that was my turning point. I dont know if I would have been as motivated had it not been for that moment. I actually lived in one of those counties and it was a sight I’ll never forget the numbers on the screen.. Bush won by 20 votes in my county. It can happen.Wil Smith, thanks! Long time no see, hope you’re well, and glad you still enjoy the blog 🙂


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