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Vote, please vote

You might read the title and think, thanks for that Captain Obvious, now you may go off and sail away on a ship called “DUH”, but I have met so many people recently who don’t plan to vote. Why? For a number of reasons:

1. I’m morally opposed to voting.
I understand this to some degree but you live in a country in which democracy depends on your vote. If you live here, work here, pay taxes here, and if the people elected will rule you, then you should vote. If you are financially independent of your parents and disagree with the principles this country was founded on, then perhaps interviews for jobs in a country whose system of rule works for you might be the best option for you to live hypocrisy free.

2. My state is solid democratic. It is that way because its how people vote. If everyone did this, it won’t stay that way for long.

3. My state is solid republican. That’s me, but I planned to vote even before polls shows that this election if everyone actually shows up to cast a vote might actually be the first time in decades that my state may go democratic.

4. My vote won’t matter, I’m just one person. Yes, your vote matters. It matters when later candidates look to see, “who voted most, which demographic should we target next time and make sure we address their issues?” regardless of who wins. Also- in 2000, my county was one of the counties where Bush was selected by less than twenty votes. Your vote does indeed matter.

5. I dont like either candidate so why vote?
Because that isn’t the only issue up for voting. There are bond measures, local judges, and council slots that you will ultimately decide.

6. I’m not informed on the issues. Then GET informed. With cable television repeating news around the clock, with websites, and youtube, you have no reason to not get informed.

People have fought hard for this seemingly meaningless right to vote. It may seem like a given but it wasn’t always so. Early voting has started in virtually all states, please, please, please, vote.

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