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Sign Stealing Catch-22

After seeing sign after sign of McCain supporters popping up like dandelions in my parent’s neighborhood, my parents decided to put up an Obama sign, a daisy to add to the mix. My parents took care to make sure their neighborhood association would allow, writing them a letter to inform them of their intent [which they didn’t have to do considering the McCain dandelions] and then waiting a reasonable time before putting it up. A few days after putting it up, my brother came home and saw the sign was gone! So what are my parents going to do? Why, they’re going to buy another one, that’s what! Tracy sent me this link which I found absolutely hilarious and apt to the rationale behind forever replenishing one’s stolen Obama yard signs.

3 thoughts on “Sign Stealing Catch-22”

  1. Mezba – its a commercial worldI went to vote on first day and indeed there was a line, mostly young and immigrants. I expected quick in n out. I am sure most were Obama supporter. McPalin is history.


  2. Mezba, indeed! Canada has a novel idea though then this sign stealing would be more rewarding for stealers.Mystic, how long did you wait? I’m planning to go on Monday or Tuesday…


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