On Ripples

This morning I parked my car in the pouring rain in front of building 644 for my meeting at building 645. It was as though a toddler had numbered the buildings. 644 was next to 756 which was next to 345. The rain began pelting harder as I searched. Finally, I saw a man in the distance ready to cross the road. I called out to him, he paused and I went to him and asked him if he knew where 645 was. He told me he didn’t know, so walked back with me to his office, quite a distance away to look at a map. It’s no big deal, I said as we walked, I don’t want to inconvenience you,but he inisisted it was no trouble. Turned out it was between 144 and 987. Naturally! I delayed him 15 minutes. He could have said no. But he didn’t. With the news filled with stories of harsh, depressing acts of depravity, it’s small acts of kindness, which beg nothing in return that inspire me with hope and remind me of our humanity.

Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end. –Scott Adam

5 thoughts on “On Ripples”

  1. Awesome! … I was just reading in a local newspaper, a family sent in a letter to the editor publicly thanking a pharmacist. Apparently the family put in a prescription and when they came back to pick it up, the pharmacy was closed. They needed the prescription badly because their little girl had just started chemotherapy… A store manager called the pharmacist at home and he came right in to get them the medicine they needed.We need more little stories like this in the newspapers, don’t you think?


  2. I’ve been to one of those buildings where the numbers weren’t in the order you’d expect. I was fortunate enough to not have rain and be close to the map.But, you’re right. It’s small things like this that renew my dwindling faith in humanity.


  3. Mystic, Suroor, thanks 🙂 I didnt do anything though.. praise goes to the guy who helped.Tee, what a great story! Amen to what you say, I guess it doesnt breed good ratings..Noreen, I’m glad you can relate. Thanks for your comment.


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