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Aisha, and the e-mail mix ups

I like my name, but its a common name and thus can lead to mix ups by busy people sending out e-mails and typing out Aisha and hitting send forgetting that their address book contained approximately 35 others with the same first name. Do I correct these people? You betcha! Sometimes though its funnier to correct people than others such as these: “Thanks for coming to my dinner party, its nice to finally be around people I really want to hang with” [Ouch!], or ‘Your son is SO cute! This time you guys come visit us!’ [no son here], or “I’ve contacted you three times about the party supplies for bubballoos party. If I dont hear from you by Friday I will go with someone else.” [(1) Not the party coordinator (2) Not invited, D’oh!] The most hilarious one from a friend who lives on the other side of the country, as evidenced by the summary below.

E-mail: You’re invited to my house for dinner! Can’t wait to see you!
Response: Aw, think you got the wrong Aisha ;). Thanks for the invite but I think you’re just a tad too far for me to drive to, haha!
E-mail: No, silly, I invited you. But I know its rush hour so I figured you wouldn’t come. Still, try to trekk out here, I might give up on you one of these days.
Response: No really, I live two thousand miles from you.
E-mail: No need to exxagerate, I get it. You didn’t want to come.
Response: Aisha Iqbal, my address is XXXX. Did you relocate?
E-mail: Ooops, mad at the wrong Aisha, sorry!

If my parents had named me Cleopatra, perhaps such incidents would be safely avoided.

4 thoughts on “Aisha, and the e-mail mix ups”

  1. haha… happens to me on chat a lot, not because of the name necessarily… if i had a daughter i would name her aisha, or mariam, it is a lovely name!


  2. lol. there are two men in my town–one a professor, the other his nephew and a friend. they both use there for an email address. i always send emails to the wrong one and get an email back saying, i think you meant to send this to my uncle/nephew. in there case, though, it could be easily remedied by either party. 🙂


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