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Gas be Gone!

Gone baby gone. No gas at all. En route to my home from work on E I drove down a 25 mile stretch of road with gas stations on each corner and each and every single one dried up, devoid of a drop of gas, a plastic bag covering the spout. It felt like driving through a ghost town. Somehow I chugged my way home and tried to ignore the question my car would surely ask if it could in fact speak, as I put it in park tonight, Umm pardon me, but how on earth do you plan to get out of the garage tomorrow?

Ike messed up our pipelines but we’re messing ourselves up with the way we’re hording our gas causing price spikes and unecessary gas shortages. Sharing is caring, guys! Its a lesson we were supposed to have learned in Kindergarten.

I expected prices to go up, I expected long lines, but no gas? None? Nada? Zip? I love the show Lost, watching people on a stranded island as they struggle to make sense of their new reality. Now, today, I think of them as I sit in my isolated house in the suburbs, rendering me inaccessible to the outside world without my car… I feel an absrud sense of camaraderie, to feel a taste of how little in life we can truly depend on, and to understand that in the smallests of ways, the ways we least expected, we often find ourselves most helplessly vulnerable.

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