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Ramadan is halfway over. Despite the common laments of how my brain turns to mush three hours before the sun sets or how the scent of warm apple crumb cake makes my stomach grumble, my taste buds alive without a taste to my tongue, the fact remains that I love Ramadan. I love being up before the world awakes, stumbling downstairs to eat food that I will appreciate increasingly as the hours will tick by. I love the peace I feel when I bow my head in sajadah, my forehead to the ground, feeling for a moment alone and complete in the same breath. I love the first taste of the plump sweet date as I open my fast with millions of others around the world each with their own lives and circumstances, all of us so different yet briefly, sharing a common moment. I love the bananas in my fruit chaat, the mango juice, and parathas fresh from the sizzling pan. For these reasons and so many more, I love Ramadan and this Ramadan I pray that my heart’s prayers are heard, and I pray the same for you.

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