Three Beautiful Things Thursday

1. Office Space. I put it in and as I went to get a sugar free chocolate Popsicle, without realizing, I skipped. Honest to goodness, like a kid in pigtails, skipped. All hail a movie that can yield subconscious giddiness.

2. Waving Drivers. You know when traffic is really congested and you need to get all the way to the right lane to exit, or you found yourself in a left turn only lane and need to stay straight, and someone lets you in, and you raise your hand up in a little thank you wave? Its not only polite and a great way to help reduce road rage, but its also a beautiful reflection of civilization and the humanity it contains.

3. Hawaii. The long awaited vacation at last arrives at my doorstep tomorrow. I cannot wait to see active volcanoes, mountains, and the ocean surrounding me at every turn. I’m imagining it to be Heaven on earth. I doubt it will disappoint my expectations. Insh’allah.

4 thoughts on “Three Beautiful Things Thursday”

  1. I think, waving/thanks is a very important gesture on raod…In Hawaii, see if you can do helicopter ride to see Haleakala crater


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