Three Beautiful Things Thursday

Kashif. Today is our six year anniversary. I wanted to say something insightful on the matter, but nothing comes to mind except that I love him so much and that having him in my life makes each day no matter how trying, inevitably a beautiful day for me. Alhamdullilah.

Drivable Distance Destinations. With plane tickets so high, particularly this weekend, bed and breakfasts amidst the Smoky mountains a few short hours away are a beautiful way to escape and relax, indeed.

Patience. Hope. Peace.
To acquire them is a struggle, to achieve them is beautiful.
I hope to one day have all three.

13 thoughts on “Three Beautiful Things Thursday”

  1. Congratulations to you and Kashif 🙂 You didn’t tell me! … So, is this bed and breakfast where you’re going to celebrate your anniversary? … I truly hope that while you’re there you will not only have time to appreciate the love you have for one another, but that you will also relax and gain a little more of that all elusive patience, hope and peace.{hugs}


  2. congrats! May Allah continue to make all of your dreams and wishes come true! May be fill your lives with love laughter and happiness 🙂


  3. congrats!!!!! mashaAllah.you are both beautiful! (ok, i realize i just wrote the exact same comment as suroor, but i was going to write this even before i saw hers ok!) 😉


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