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On Alligators and Caimans

This morning I looked through pictures of my trip to Costa Rica last year and felt a bit nostalgic. I smiled remembering our tour of the Cano Negro as our guide pointed out the wildlife inhabiting the preserve.

He showed us the Jesus Christ Lizard which gets the name with the way it seems to walk on water when it runs. Though clearly, at the moment, we were thoroughly annoying Gidget [Yes, I named her Gidget]And then we came across some lazy iguanas, resting on trees embracing the heat:

And then we came across this. The guide grew exceedingly excited as he got our attention and pointed us to look:
Group: *crickets*
Guide: Ummm, hmm…. how to explain.. *scratches head* well, do you know what an alligator is?
Group: *nods smiling*
Guide: Yeah, well this is not an alligator. Its a Caiman.

Clearly not a man who should be teaching second grade anytime soon.

As I sat in my air conditioned office, the memory made me laugh out loud. I share it in the hopes it makes you smile too.

2 thoughts on “On Alligators and Caimans”

  1. It made me smile 🙂 Thanks.That’s funny about the Jesus Christ lizard. Growing up we’d called those insects known as water skimmers “Jesus bugs”… They were always fascinating to watch when we lazed around in my parents pool.


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