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"Beautiful Day"

Is the song playing as I watch CNN and watch history unfolding as Barack Obama becomes the official Democratic nominee for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

Three years ago as a teacher I asked my students to draw a picture of what they would like to be when they grew up. Some drew portraits of doctors, others of football stars, and one student, Demba, whose parents were from Senegal, drew himself with a large smile slightly large ears standing behind a podium with the American flag behind him. “I’m going to be President one day” he said with a huge grin. I nodded encouragingly at him though I inwardly shook my head a bit sadly.

It happened. It really did. Perhaps Demba’s vision of a world where his skin or his name would not matter was true after all. Regardless of whether or not you are a fan of him or not, the fact that “Barack Obama may be our President in 2008” are words that can even be uttered is a phrase that continues to amaze me and yes it really is a beautiful day.

3 thoughts on “"Beautiful Day"”

  1. I have had this song as well as others, (James Browns, “I feel good”, LOL) in my head all day. Words are not sufficient in expressing how so very pleased I am, and for so many reasons.For the reasons you stated – it gives me pride in a country which over the past few years I felt was jingoistic, among other things. I’m ready to be united, I’m ready to help have our good reputation restored, I’m ready to stand up hand in hand with others from all races and religions and fight for education and health care and peace. I am fired up and ready to go!And then I think about my 2 sons who, like Barack Obama, are bi-racial, and like Barack Obama, have a parent who was not born in this country. My heart if full of hope and pride and happiness knowing that they have a worthy role model, one full of integrity and wisdom, to look up to – and so many other children, as well as adults, have that role model, too.Barack Obama inspires us all to be our best – and a nation full of people trying to be their best is a beautiful thing to look forward to.


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