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A parent’s love

A parent’s love is unlike any other. I read this story and could not stop the tears from springing from my eyes. I grieve for the people of China. To help, donate here.

When the rescuers found her, she was already dead, crushed by the collapsed house. Through all the debris, people can see her posture: both knees down, upper body forward with hands holding her body, like praying to the heaven. When the rescue team moved on to the next collapsed building, the team leader felt strange about the posture of the dead lady. He went back, checked and shouted to his team: “Come back, there is a baby alive under her body!” After a hard try, they carefully cleared the debris around the dead woman. Under her body was her wrapped baby, about three month old. Because of his mother’s protection, he wasn’t hurt at all. He was still sleeping when he was taken out. The doctor came over to perform a routine check and found a cell phone tucked under his blanket. The screen had a message: “my loving baby, if you can survive, please remember I always love you.”

5 thoughts on “A parent’s love”

  1. My God – this seems too tragic and yet beautiful to be real. Thank you for sharing it.I read a story the other day about a married couple who were dug out of the rubble alive. They were holding onto each other, and say they wouldn’t have held on to life if they hadn’t had their spouse there with them, encouraging them to hang on.I pray for those who made it, but whose lives will never be the same and I pray for those who did not make it – that they are in a better place.


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