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Thoughts on laryngitis

For three days I lay bedridden, unable to move from the bed to the kitchen to pour myself some water and then poof, today I woke up feeling almost okay [though not quite] and as I opened my mouth to tell my husband…. squeak. Nothing came out. Nothing nada. I have laryngitis as I cannot speak except at a soft whisper. I guess all the coughing finally pissed my larynx off enough to say you know what? when you learn to treat me better then I’ll consider coming back, but until then you just think about how much you took me for granted! If I could send it a dozen tulips, I would.

What’s interesting is the reaction to me having laryngitis. Some examples from a Whole Foods excursion:

Fish guy as I point out the salmon and then make a hand gesture for 1 pound raises his eyebrows and says “You think you’re being followed or something?” Lesson 1: People with laryngitis cannot speak, they do not suffer from paranoid delusions.

Meat guy as I point to the cut I want and whisper the third one, says I can’t hear you. I point to my throat and shake my head. I stand on tip toe and whisper as loud as I can and he says as a matter of factly “You just gonna have to speak up now” Lesson 2: If you have laryngitis you just can’t!

Check out lady asks me if I’ve tried the soup before, I whisper no but it looks good. She in turns whispers back that many customers say its the best one. Lesson 3: You do not have to whisper back, people with laryngitis often have exquisite hearing.

I represent disabled children so when I briefly encounter a temporary disability such as this where I am without an important bodily function, though I find it inconvenient, I’m amazed at the strength of those, some just children, who live with such obstacles and curious glances day in and day out. I guess in everything even sometimes in the seemingly bad, there is cause to pause and be grateful.

6 thoughts on “Thoughts on laryngitis”

  1. Nothing like having something you take for granted temporarily taken away to make you appreciate it. I experienced this with my sense of smell a couple weeks ago. My nose was so stuffed that food didn’t even taste good, I couldn’t smell the flowers blooming in my garden, or the bath and body works lotions I was given on Mother’s Day. Feel better soon!


  2. I’m having the same experiences as I’m experiencing a very severe case of laryngitis right now. This morning I was able to make sound, but now I’m pretty much reduced to nothing above a whisper. I guess continuing to talk with laryngitis is bad, but I’ve heard whispering is worse. I’m finding that everybody whispers back as I whisper to them. I sounded like a 13 year old boy in puberty yesterday. Woke up this morning sounding gravelly. Since I work in a call center and talk all day, I ended up talking all day and am now reduced to whispering. This isn’t even the worst case of laryngitis I’ve ever had. It is actually one of the best as I don’t have a sore throat. I’m actually enjoying it!


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