6 thoughts on “Because a picture can speak a thousand words”

  1. Hey Aisha,Funny cartoon! Actually I have an ulterior motive for leaving this comment – I wanted to email you and ask whether you still had your COL hooding regalia from graduation last year (I can’t find your email address tho – I think I only have your GSU address). I am (hopefully) going to pick up my regalia at the bookstore next week (since I forgot to pre-order it) but I wanted to see if you had yours as a backup, just in case they run out or something. Anyways . . . could you send me an email? you can still reach me at my GSU email: aclark29Thanks!Amanda


  2. Mystic- hope not!Amanda- is it too late? I have’nt been on my blog much lately! I should have it somewhere. I will send you an email as well.Pilgrimchick- LOL yes, thats what I loved about it too!Shawna- ooh, good, it will help me motivate to blog! 🙂


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