A big ole Lost post

I love Lost and its being on Time’s 100 greatest TV shows doesn’t surprise me:

It’s a fine show on the level of character and writing, but what makes it a classic is that it’s the finest interactive game ever… an elaborate fractal pattern of intersecting stories… Its mysteries, clues and literary-historical allusions demand research, repeat viewing, freeze- framing and endless online discussions. And in a medium where executives assume that viewers will flee anything that remotely challenges them, Lost proves that millions of people will support a difficult, intelligent, even frustrating story.

So here’s me finally gushing and GRRing on all things Lost. Do you have a take? Please share! Would love to hear from you! [Warning: If you don’t watch Lost beware of Spoilers]

My favorites:
His story line rocked Season 1. I loved his tough exterior but broken childhood and I think his nicknames are hilarious and witty! Charlie: Why’d Charlie die?? He experienced complete redemption on the island. Hurley: DUDE! Hurley Rocks! He’s down to earth, funny and constant in his personality through the show. Sayid: He’s just awesome and I love that a show is actually portraying a Muslim in a way that breaks stereotypes by not being just another stereotype. Desmond: I have bought his epic love story hook line and sinker. This guy can act and I love his storyline. I hope he stays on the show until the end.

GRR… me no like you!
Michael. Why is he back? I really can’t stand him and I dont see how he can redeem himself for what he’s done. I hope he exits soon. Ben: If I ever see this actor in person I will scream and flee in the opposite direction. He pays villain to an uncanny level and it seems just as I begin thinking he might be better than Widmore… I am reminded of his evil-ness all over again.

Who are the Oceanic 6?
Sun, Hurley, Jack, Kate, Sayid, and ??? The ABC execs imply its Aaron, Claire’s son, but he was not on the flight as an independent person and the LOST writers said the ABC promo was not their decision. I think the official “Oceanic 6” is unimportant because it seems as they are just a media term, it seems there may be others who escape the island but not under media attention. (i.e. Walt, Jin who we see in Korea)

Why is Jin without Sun in the flash forwards?
Not only is he not with her he’s totally moved on! He’s recently married seems to be working for some big corporation and happy as a peach. Meanwhile his wife gave birth to their baby and is weeping at her husband’s gravestone? Jin had too much integrity to abandon his wife like that, and even if his relationship with Sun was over he would have been there for his baby. Did he develop some type of amnesia? Is he working for Ben and under cover?

Why does Sayid work for Ben?
Seeing this I initially thought maybe Ben is good but his ploy to lure Rousseau into the woods and have her and Alex’s boyfriend murdered proves to me he is pure evil. So why is Sayid working for this man? What transpired.

Why does Kate have Aaron and why is it hard for Jack to see him?
Is it because Claire died and he couldn’t save her? In Season 3 Desmond had a vision that Claire escaped the island with Aaron. Charlie died trying to make sure this happened so why is she not there? Did she die in Jack’s arms as he tried to save her but could not and now he feels guilt?Did he ever find out she was his sister?

Why does everyone pretend only 8 survived and seem depressed?
What could have happened to shut everyone up as they have? On the island all these people were nothing but valiant and now they cowardly say nothing and simply try to move on with their lives. What could have happened to make them all so fearful?

Are they going to simply write off the smoke monster?
I get this feeling that the Lost writers made up this monster and then realized “ummm dumb move” and now dont know what to do with it. So far they haven’t come up with a storyline with it this season.

Are the newbies good or evil?
I think individually the new arrivals to the island are not bad. Lapidus seems there to save people. Charlotte and Faraday seem there to discover the island’s properties, and Miles though not there for them seems more interested in his greed. I think that the person who sent them there is evil and doesn’t care about the island dwellers, so I think the mission is ominous but not necessarily the people.

Who is Jacob?
Is this another smoke monster issue where they dont know what to do with this aspect that they’ve raised? He hasn’t come up much in this season and I found this storyline the weakest with Jacob in his rickety chair.

What’s the deal with this island’s magical properties?
I dont know but right here is a very detailed explanation which seems to click for me.

Every episode in Season 1 rocked [Chilliest moment: Sayid intercepting the tower cry for help, ON A LOOP for sixteen years! finding the Hatch!] Season 2 was 50/50 with Season 3 really awful with tons of pointless episodes [Like the one with the spider that made the evil couple seem dead though alive and thus get buried alive: interesting but very obvious filler] My favorite is the one where Desmond and Penny reunite, I nearly cried, some sitting near me, did. No names though zzzzzzzzip! 🙂

I leave you with some cool links I’ve enjoyed in the hopes you will too:

To catch up: All the episodes are free online and HD here.
To dissect the show play by play: See here
To figure out if Lost is scientifically possible: Popular Mechanics discuss here. [you’d be surprised but most stuff is grounded in existing theories]
An insight into the writers of Lost? here
Lost the sitcom? here
The funniest Lost parody guaranteed to make you laugh: [thanks Tee!]

4 thoughts on “A big ole Lost post”

  1. I’m also a Lost fan. Beware spoilers: About Jin’s flash-forwards–my hubby and I think they were actually flashbacks to when he was working for Sun’s dad and they were just married. He looks younger in those flashes and Sun is visiting his grave in the future . . . The show really does leave you thinking. There is so much going on that I can’t watch it without dreaming about it! It’s like reading a really good sci-fi or fantasy book. It excites me the way Battlestar Galactica does. Ooh can’t wait to watch more!


  2. Dang – the video is no longer available – you’ll have to seek out another one to replace it. Nothing is permanent with YouTube :p … I love that video though. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched it just to laugh.I agree with pretty much everything you said on the characters and the plots, etc… I am especially heart broken seeing Jin without Sun in the future. When he was buying that big Panda bear I, (of course), thought it was for Sun and the baby…. So sad :p … I hope there is a happy ending and they somehow overcome Widmore or Ben or whatever the heck is going on – and those working for him, like Sayid, can return to happy lives.


  3. Guys the stuff with Jin in Ji Yeon is all flashbacks. This is confirmed. The episode was 1/2 flashbacks (Jin) and 1/2 flashforwards (Sun)… I thought that was kind of obvious but many people seem to have been confused by this. Jin is “dead” in the future. (though he may still be on the island)


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