108 in 2008

The 108 in 2008 Recap

Its been two months since I created my 108 things to do in 2008 list and I can proudly say I’ve crossed off 16 items! Many of them are health related like get my vision tested, get a physical, order new contacts, kind of ho hum stuff but important. Some of the things have been life changing.

#3: Read 50 books. 50 books is the best thing I ever did. Reading makes me wish more than anything I could work full time as a book reviewer, absorbing book after book. I’m reading fictional works, but also nonfiction on topics which are blowing my mind such as the truth behind the food industry.

#90: Eat Sushi. Not only did I finally eat sushi its now one of my favorite foods and I eat it at least once a week. Spicy tuna rolls are my favorite!

#92: Don’t drink Diet Soda for a week. Best thing I ever did.

There’s lots of goals still to reach but even in the act of tring to reach them Ive gained so much For example, #5 I’m trying tons of new nonmeat meals like bean burgers (which taste just as good as the real thing!) and have dropped my meat based meals from almost daily to three meals a week (out of 21 possible meals in a week). Per #33 I’ve gone w/out unrefined sugar for 2 weeks, a feat never accomplished before!

Its only March so if you wanted to do a 108 in 2008 go for it! Time is not yetu p!

6 thoughts on “The 108 in 2008 Recap”

  1. Mystic- its getting increasingly more difficult… I am not clearing one book every other day like I was… I am doing books on tape and trying to devote at leats an hour a day to reading. It helps.Shawna, thanks :0)


  2. Great that you’re making so much progress. It’s one thing to set a list of “to dos” but it is entirely another to hold to them or to try them, and that all boils down to character.


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