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Whole Foods. Wow.

It was simple, I wanted to get a multivitamin and my doctor said “just get one from Whole Foods” Just get one. Ha! Whole Foods, unlike other grocery stores, doesn’t just have a shelf of multivitamins, they have rows and rows, shelves upon shelves stacked beyond reach, enough vitamins to fill two GNC’s to the point of saturation. Vitamin C? There arent just four or five options there are 50! There’s vitamins for your immune system, allergies, and even bed wetting. Wow. But beyond the vitamins section, all of Whole Foods seem to utterly befuddle me. No Coke?! No Honey Bunches of Oats? Where’s the three musketeers?!?! I said to the bemused sales clerk. I mean, yes all that stuff stinks but they practically rule the world in the scope of their reach. Nope, Whole Foods had none. If ever I visited the land of Oz, it was surely within the hallowed walls of the Whole Foods.

Research has helped me realize I must eat healthier. Though I don’t particularly love Whole Foods since its just another monopolizing supermarket, but there aren’t any many real farmer’s markets in my area so if I want to avoid food with more ingredients than people in Rome, than Whole Foods is a better option than most. (Though its still wise to check the ingredient label. For salad dressing I found only one that was completely natural Cindy’s Kitchen, all the others had some type of preservative or other particularly xanthan gum).

I plan to go to Whole Foods for some things (like fish) but I’m not sure it will become my one stop shop. The local grocery stores are closer by and slightly cheaper, as Mustafa the owner of our favorite Turkish establishment bellowed when he sat down with us at dinner discussing Whole Foods, “Whole Foods means WHOLE Paycheck!!!” As I stared at my bill for approximately four items, I can’t exactly disagree, but I hope that my rationale is right, that though its costing me more now, in the long run, for the sake of my health, I will be better off.

10 thoughts on “Whole Foods. Wow.”

  1. I don’t know. I am still not sold on the “whole food” concept.The only organic thing I specifically buy is organic honey. OOOH… nothing can beat a spoon of honey in the morning!


  2. I go there a few times. Mostly just for the salad bar after the gym because it’s right across the street. I’m always amazed when I see people with cart loads of stuff from there! Way to expensive for my cheap self!:) Trader Joe’s is awesome, I wish they would open some in Florida.


  3. Mezba, but if organic honey tastes so great imagine the rest of the stuff?!?Huda, I want to try Trader Joe’s but I dont think there is one in my area. Also, I heard they don’t sell produce?Pixie, yeah I dont know about loading my cart, but maybe a few esentials 🙂 The salad bar is quite pricey too though!


  4. “Whole Foods means WHOLE Paycheck!!!” — LOL!! … so true!Wish we had a Whole Foods nearby – and wish I could afford it. I could spend an entire day in there in awe of the healthy products available, which somehow don’t make it to the shelf of Super WalMart.Good luck finding a vitamin. I hate that aisle. I feel like I should be taking 50 different supplements.


  5. Tee, its very expensive, the better optino is local farmers market, local road side stands with local growers, do you have those in your neck of the woods? They’re usualy significantly cheaper tha both whole foods and traditional supermarkets.


  6. I looooooved the dekalb farmers market there. It’s open every day and has everything. I miss that place so bad. It would be worth the drive. I have a friend who lives a bit further away than you and they drive all the way in to go there too. it’s awesome!


  7. Wayfarer!!! Hope you and little dude are doing great insh’allah. Is the Dekalb Farmers market local vendors though? I thought i twas just like a rgular grocery store but a bit more international?


  8. It is like a regular grocery store in a way. Half is organic and you can get things there you can’t get elsewhere like fresh lemongrass and every kind of lettuce and different greens. I miss it so much. If you want the local farmers there’s a place where local farmers go on weekends. It’s like docks where they unload. It’s all local farmers and grown locally. I much prefer the farmers market though. I just don’t find many farms in georgia if you know what i mean. Fruit yes but farms not so much. Their spices there are super cheap too. In general their food is cheap and organics too. Love it!


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