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Chicken Soup, hold the whine please

*Climbing out from under rock* Hullo there! Long time no see, how’s the wife? The kids? I really feel like I’ve just emerged from under a rock. The cause? Stress, oozing goobity gobs of stress that makes your pulse go up, your head hurt, and your brain to urge you in the most soothing manipulative tone it can muster Sleep! Except that, I can’t sleep because I have stuff to do. [Infact in the writing of this post I have been detracted approximately six times for “urgent” matters needing my “immediate” attention] But- this isn’t going to be a whine post. This is a chicken soup post. A post to catch up on the good stuff since last we spoke, the goobity gob will be there whether I talk about it or not, so here goes..

1. Wax paper is brilliant! I can’t believe I only just discovered it. Kebobs, Choco covered strawberries? Nothing sticks to it. I’m officially in love.
2. Bacon Chocolate. Eyeing a large opened chocolate bar sitting on my boss’ desk I ask “chocolate eh?” to which she replied “yes, would you like some? I must warn you its got bacon” I laughed, “ha, funny! thats a good way to keep me on my diet” to which she said “no really, its got bacon” Yep, chocolate with bacon bits. Oh well. I didn’t want it anyway!
3. Lost rocks! It’s my escape when I need to unwind. I love the characters, the plot, the back stories. I’m not fully done with season 3 yet but I almost don’t want to catch up because then I won’t be able to just click “next” and avoid week long or month long cliff hangers if I’m up to date and watching like everyone else. So far Season 3 is a bit.. much, though.
4. I’m done with Diet Coke, or any other drinks with artificial sweeteners. Its a long story why, [for a later post] but I’m now three days “fake sugar” free! I am definitely more tired, I can feel my body wanting it… but if you see me with a diet coke, you have my full permission to snatch it from me and publicly berate me.
5. I’ve made progress in my 108 in 2008 goals and I’m particularly proud that…
6. …I’ve read 14 books so far towards my 50 book goal! All hail Books on CD!
7. The elections feel more electrifying and dramatic than I ever have remembered them to be. I am a Barack supporter and I’m glad he’s doing well. Time will tell what the results will be, but the fact that he’s being taken seriously by so many is very inspiring in and of itself.
8. Tuna and Crab Sushi if made right is one the coolest foods ever. If you live in my neck of the woods, I’ll share where I go, its fantab and on Fridays a random Chinese dude will sing “Unchained Melody” with his guitar. Its a great place to escape.
9. I got a pedometer and am doing 10,000 steps a day. I thought it would be easy to reach but am shocked to see how little I normally walk! So far I hit up to 9,000 and a few days 10,000 but its a great motivator to exercise and park the car a little further from the store.
10. I still feel stressed. But at least I didn’t whine like I wanted to. That’s at least not bad, right

5 thoughts on “Chicken Soup, hold the whine please”

  1. welcome back! ๐Ÿ™‚yeah to taking steps to 108 in 2008. i’m glad you inspired me to do mine. it’s a lovely motivator.wax paper is amazzzzzzing.and congrats on reading 14 books!! or at the very least listening to a few of them. i haven’t done a book on cd. any suggestions?


  2. Shawna, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you come back soon from your hiatus as well!Mystic, its very cool, you should tel l your wife about it, she will appreciate it.Chai, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad yours is motivating you too! And books on CD… my recommendation would be a book that is nonfiction… I pick books I should read, or are on my list but I know if I sat down to read them in my leisure time I would instantly start sleeping, in the car, what other alternative do I have? (or if I’m cleaning, etc). Right now I’m hearing “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” which traces our food from the corn field to the table, its very interesting.


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