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How to travel with carry on only

We all have a thing. Some can charm sales ladies into 50% discounts. Me? I can travel with carry on only luggage like its no one’s business! I traveled to Costa Rica for 8 days, Chicago for four days, and DC on business all carry-on!

I do it because I save oodles of time. I print my boarding pass the night before and frolick straight to security (which is time consuming enough without the hassle of ticketing counters) Plus you don’t have to wait like a forlorn puppy at baggage claim with 100s of similarly situated pupswho swivel their heads with each drop of the dark (always black) suitcase, proceeding to stampede and claim it and ofcourse realize upon inspection, not theirs. No thanks! Here’s some tips on what I do.

1. Duffel bag: They’re flexible so fit more than traditional carry on luggage.
2. Stop, grab and roll: Don’t fold your clothes, roll them up tightly. You get less wrinkles and save a ton of space.
3. Do the catwalk preflight: I know many who bring 7 different outfits for approximately 2 days! All hail the perfect outfit but why not answer the soul searching question preflight by trying on what you would wear and picking before you go?
4. Minimize the shoes: Shoes take up tons of space. I take black shoes that can go with all my clothes. Sure it means my outfits will have to go with black shoes but having one nice shoe as opposed to three to go with three different outfits saves a lot of space and to me its worth it.
5. Wear your suit: When going for suit-ish meetings I wear my suit onto the plane.
6. Liquidate: The 3oz liquid requirement can cause many to check in bags. Target has great travel size EVERYTHING plus “airport requirement” ziplock bags.
7. Tote it! Bring the big tote bag as your purse. It’ll carry your book, and other things that you can avoid packing in. (Men, you can tote without a purse!)

8. Take the paperback. I’m a book addict and I can’t fly without a book in hand. You don’t NEED to take Harry Potter volumes 1-4 with you. How about a paperback you’ve been meaning to read? It can fit in your tote and takes up less space.

5 thoughts on “How to travel with carry on only”

  1. Great tips. I’m capable of this, too. I’m a simple girl. It’s the kids and Carlos that cause me so much luggage. The kids with all their stuffed animals and random junk. And Carlos with his shoe fetish – not to mention that he uses like 20 different products to get ready. LOL.


  2. Ah, Mix and Match, great idea Chai!Tracy, well, kids complicate it big time. I will have to let that go whenver kids come.Baraka, lol! you’d be surprised, a duffel bag will take more room than a carry on suitcase. At least mine is.


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