Aisha, the laptop

When I look at my to-do list and the timeline in which to accomplish it and fully realize the urgency of NOW, I panic. When I panic, my anxiety goes UP. When my anxiety goes UP, I freeze up like a malfunctioning laptop. When I freeze I’m unable to do all the reading, researching, drafting and such I require to accomplish all the things urgently in need of accomplishment. Instead, I find myself involuntarily frozen in place chanting ohmigod in a monosyllabic tone while more to-do items fill up resulting in more panic, more anxiety, more freezing. If you are walking to your office today and come across a random 5 foot 5 pile heap of papers, please poke it kindly. Urge it on its way. It might be me.

5 thoughts on “Aisha, the laptop”

  1. WHAT??? Aisha, you turned into a laptop from a soggy samosa??? When did that happen??? :pAww…welcome to my world my dear! I have been in similar situations before. Although, you may have lots to do, word of advice: add “take a break” to the top of your ‘to-do list.’ Breath, relax and let your mind not think in panic mode for once. If you panic, you’ll never know where to start.Picture this: You take your crazy to-do list and throw it up in the air, now you’ve got a cloud of to-do items hovering over your head but you’ll see that all the ‘to-do’ items are now slowly settling to the ground like dust. Now, you pick up each item in order of priority and start working on that piece. Don’t rush into picking up everything and don’t think about ALL the things you have to do, just focus on what you have to do in that moment (e.g. research) everything else will fall into place. Disclaimer: Enyur shall not be responsible or otherwise liable for any to-do items that may be lost in this ‘throw-in-the-air’ process :pKeep well trooper….May the force be with you! :o)


  2. Awww…yes, I know it’s been a looong time…but I’m still around…silently lurking the blog world :o) & lol! No, not law school…it comes from reading a lawyer’s blog 😉Hope you’re doing well! I actually updated my blog today…I think my blog runs on embarrassing moments lol!Take care and good luck!!


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