Ten things I’m resigned to never understanding

  1. Fantasy football and the resulting two hour discussions with fellow fantasizers.
  2. Boiled Peanuts
  3. William Hung and the people who buy his CDs
  4. High gas prices because the cost of crude oil is insane and its so unfortunate because what can you do? and the curious correlation with record high profits for gas companies. Bahh.
  5. Skinny Jeans in sizes that are not skinny. .
  6. Washing machines that wash only in extra small, medium, and extra large and why this strange setting sequence never really disturbed me until my little brother was visiting and stood befuddled before the machine trying to quantify the size of his laundry load.
  7. My hatred for reality TV and my inability to look away.
  8. Ipod Nanos that don’t hold their charge even though its turned off.
  9. Neighbors who insist on making chapatis in their saris on the driveway. And yes I live in the USA in a typical two story suburban neighborhood.
  10. Sunday evenings and my inability to fall asleep and thus have miserable Mondays more miserable than any Monday truly ought to be.

12 thoughts on “Ten things I’m resigned to never understanding”

  1. ooh, i might be able to explain the nano thing! mine did that all the time too…but my dear husband pointed out that when putting the nano on ‘hold’ it uses up battery. also leaving it plugged into things (like in the car) takes up battery. hopefully that helps ya 🙂ps…belated eid mubarak and happy new year! i’s still in qatar, keepin on 🙂


  2. Suroor, I think its a Southern thing? Its strange to me though.Ash- Long time no see! unfortunately its the absolute truth!Shabs! Long time no see! Eid Mubarak to you as well. How much longer are you in Qatar? I think that I put it on hold…. laikin… how do you turn it off? I thought I was turning it off by pressing on the lower dial…


  3. boiled peanuts are SO DELICIOUS! i love them. they are best from redneck roadside stands.and on #10, i hear ya. because of sleeping late on sundays, i can never fall asleep at a decent hour sunday nights and thus feel like crap monday AM.


  4. I’ve heard boiled peanuts are nasty but never tried them. I saw a sign for them when we were down south once.The gas prices make no sense. I just put $22 worth this morning in my empty tank (using a credit card. SIGH.) At $3.17 per gallon, I only have a half tank now.#7. I completely understand. I’ll sit there literally crinkling my nose thinking “How gross!” or “How stupid!” … for the entire episode. LOL.9. I’m jealous. I *wish* I had neighbors this interesting. I’d head on over to see if they offered me a chapati. Yum. LOL. Last week I had actually convinced Carlos to take me to the Indian restaurant (you have NO idea how hard it is to get him to do this) — and they were closed!! Ugh.By the way, my neighbors are all old retired folks who stay indoors. They’re nice, but yours sound infinitely more fun. 😀10. I didn’t sleep much last night either so I feel your pain. Hang in there. The day is halfway over. {hugs}


  5. Anisa, REALLY? I tried them but maybe I had the wrong type…. lol. Re sleeping too late on Sundays, one of my friends takes half a dose of Ambien on Sundays….. I might have to do something similar…Tee, neighbors who make chapati on the drive way are more bewildering than fascinating, lol. Just imagine… I want to sell my house… the real estate drives by, one neighbor is cooking chapatis, the other is beating her flour, etc… WELL…. then again, if a potential buyer like YOU stops by, that juts might be a selling point, lol 🙂


  6. I understand what you mean about not getting what all the fuss is about Fantasy football. I didn’t get it either for a long time. Until, I played Fantasy Cricket with my buddies that is. And all of a sudden the phenomenon of Fantasy games started to make sense. Basically what I’m trying to say here is: play a Fantasy version of any sport that you like, and you’ll most likely get it.Oh and by the way, Abdusalaam has made a return to the blog scene.


  7. Abdusalaam, haha thanks for helping me understand the fantasy football thing…. I will keep the fantasy cricket on the down low from the hubby…. one fantasy sport is ENOUGH LOL. glad to her you’re back to blogging!!! I will add you to my google reads insh’allah 🙂 I’ll be curious your blogging about the current state of events in the world and ofcourse the upcoming elections.


  8. Aisha – If I was buying your house, that would seal the deal. LMAO. Put it in the little brochure. “Immaculate three bedroom, two bath on quiet cul-de-sac with chapati making neighbors. Mature landscaping and only 10 minutes from shopping and schools.”😀


  9. BTW ‘aunties’ making ‘chapatis’ in saree is common where I live !!and evverytime I wonder…is this allowed by town house people?


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