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2007 is gone, 2008 is here. Each year slips by faster than the last it seems. Maybe to harness the reigns of time, I should write down the things I want to do to better myself as a person. A man’s character is his fate (Heraclitus). This year I want to strengthen my character and in doing so hopefully enrich my destiny. Inspired by Chai.

I resolve to do something for the betterment of the world every day be it giving of my time, my money, or simply an apple to someone hungry, or a prayer to God from the depths of my heart.

I resolve to nurture my mind every day. Nutrients give to us, junk food takes away. Junk TV does the same. I resolve to watch less television and read more and use other more productive ways to spend my time.

I resolve to exercise regularly. Not for vanity but for the depletion of adrenaline and the way it strengthens my heart and regulates my pulse.

I resolve to eat healthy. My body harbors my soul and is one of the various manifestations of me. I resolve to put in my body that which betters me. I want to eat significantly less meat and significantly more organic locally grown food.

I resolve to read daily. Not just legal memos and briefs but books, magazine, stories. Its the art that I aspire to and through reading I grow intellectually and artistically.

I resolve to write daily. It may be blogging, or working on my novel or simply a note to myself in my journal before I sleep.

What do you resolve?

7 thoughts on “Resolution”

  1. i was just writing about it…i freed myself of resolution’s list since i was getting very frustrated for not achieving it completely year after year, even if only 1 or 2 points were missing…i can tell that this “resolution” made me stronger and the feeling of not having to check any list is just libertarian for me!!!good luck on your 2008 resolutions!!happy new year!!leandra


  2. S, I hope your wish comes true! 🙂 Happy New Year to you too!Tasbeeh, thanks for the link, will check it out! Leandra, so glad you commented, my computer had crashed and I’d lost all my bookmarks. Now I can rebookmark you 🙂 Yeah, I dont usually do resolutions actually… so I’m the opposite, lol… we’ll see. I think resolutions can be discouraging too if you don’t do them… and if you don’t do all the things on them.. so you are right.. good food for thought.Mystic.. do they work, well, I know that statistics say that if you write down your goals you’re 80% more likely to succeed… I dont know if they work because I dont normally do them… but we’ll see… I had a 101 in 1001 that I wrote down goals with and I did a lot, though not all of them… so… I think they at least remind you of your bigger plan..


  3. Sounds like the resolutions I’ve felt echoing in my head for many years. I’m happy to say I feel I’ve been fulfilling them for the most part.By the way, some of us don’t have the financial resources to help those in need. Some of us (stay-at-home-moms) don’t even get out of the house, or live in a city that has that many opportunities. So don’t forget about sites like🙂 – This way, anyone can give, every single day.


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