108 in 2008, New Year Resolution Goals

108 in 2008

Huda discussed her 101 in 1001 and I should fess up. My 101 in 1001 deadline was November. I accomplished 67 of the 101. I wish I accomplished all, particularly ones that weren’t too difficult like, get a massage, I mean all that requires is a credit card and 60 minutes, but oh well. Now that its over I began to feel woeful as I stared into the abyss of goal-less, task-less, list-less-ness, but luckily Huda came to the rescue with: 108 in 2008! 108 things to do in 2008. The goals are not as “fly to the moon”ish but can still have lofty ambitions. The thing I like is, all can be done in the time frame.

One thing I’ve done different than other 108 in 2008’ers is instead of “learn new recipes” or “read more” I am quantifying the goal. Research says it takes 21 days to make a habit so many of my goals are in month long increments. Its not that I plan to do each of them for one month only, but I hope sometime in the coming months I’ll have one month of solid consistency and consequently a new habit.
*I reserve the right to amend during the month of January!*

So here’s my 108 in 2008. If you do it lemme know!

  1. A final version of my novel. November 2008!
  2. Submit aforementioned novel to at least ten different publishers/agents
  3. Read 50 books: The books I’m reading listed here. Done November 2008!!
  4. Write in my gratitude journal every day for a month.
  5. Practice being vegetarian for two weeks straight.
  6. Stop biting my nails. Thank you Hawaii! 9/9/08!!!
  7. Sell my house!!!!!
  8. Make another scrapbook
  9. Pay my library fine and start checking out books againDone 1/10/08
  10. Write a post five days a week for four weeks straight.
  11. See the ocean. HAWAII!!! 8/25-9/3
  12. Eat out for lunch only once a week consistently for one month- Done Month of January!
  13. Find a painter to paint my house.– December 30, 2008 (Found him, he hasn’t done it yet though!)
  14. Don’t eat after dinner for one month.
  15. Read 50 pieces of professional literature: December 2008
  16. Lose 20 pounds: I lost ten! So at least I made progress.
  17. Mail out the items sitting waiting to be mailed to friends/family
  18. Take a creative writing class.
  19. Get a physical- Done 2/1/08!
  20. Get my vision tested-Done 2/29/08!
  21. Order Contacts- Done 2/29/08!
  22. Make a dentist appointment- February 2008!
  23. Renew my passport Done 9/10/08
  24. Update all my movie reviews
  25. Learn to make Plantains
  26. Don’t watch any TV for one week.
  27. String up my lights from my awning
  28. Go to a spoken word event
  29. Visit my family– Completed 1/19/08
  30. Have a girls day with Madiha Done 8/13/08!
  31. Attend a live show (Riverdance anyone??) Les Miserables 9/2008!
  32. Make K attend said live show with me.
  33. Go one month without any unrefined sugar 9/17/2008!
  34. Attend Nabila’s weddingMemorial Day 2008!
  35. Buy a suitOctober 2008!
  36. Organize my garage
  37. Work out five days a week for at least 30 mins for one straight month.
  38. Re-do one of my bathrooms
  39. Spend at least one of my many many borders gift cards
  40. Find and purchase Tazo Chamomile Tea
  41. Write a short story.- Done and sent out for the competition 1/25/08!
  42. See my cousin AaminaJuly 2008!
  43. Make a scrapbook gift for someone
  44. Update this whenever I achieve a goal.
  45. Learn to make five new dishes for dinner: Veggie Chili, Greek Chicken, Filet Mignon,
  46. Have six lunch dates with friends during the weekdays: Done by August 2008!
  47. Read the Quran cover to cover again
  48. Give clothes in clothing drive- Done 2/28/08!
  49. Learn to make hummus
  50. Do a full 8 hour writing on my novel day: Done 1/26/08!
  51. On a clear starry night watch the stars9/1/08: Thank you Hawaii!!
  52. Run outdoors at least once.- 8/25/08: Thank you Hawaii!
  53. Eat a bowl of pomegranate
  54. Eat at Fogo De ChaoCompleted 2/14/08!
  55. Outline my next novel- Completed 2/11/08
  56. Draft my next novel
  57. Get another haircutDone May 2008!
  58. Get K’s watch fixed
  59. Get K’s ring sized
  60. Take home the gifts from work that are sitting in my cupboards.
  61. Buy a shoe organizer for the foyer
  62. Get new glasses
  63. Frame my diplomas and hang them up
  64. Send flowers to someone- Done 3/13/08 [parent’s anniversary]
  65. Buy organic salmon for dinner- Done 2/28/08!
  66. Break 100 in bowling
  67. Write a letter to my congressman about an issue of concern
  68. Do one evening of writing four nights a week for one month solid. Done July 2008!
  69. Learn a new song and sing it.
  70. Buy an entire outfit at Zara’s in two sizes smaller.
  71. Get a manicure- December 30, 2008
  72. Get a professional massage
  73. Spend a day at a bookstore and read inspiring/how tos on writing
  74. Have a closetful of ironed ready clothes if only one time.
  75. Make a recipe book
  76. Moisturize every day for one solid month
  77. Read 20 never before read poems
  78. Vaccuum every other day for a month
  79. Get a new battery for my watch.
  80. Buy organic pure cane sugar
  81. Print out my digital pics that I want
  82. Buy four nice baby outfits two for each gender to have on hand.
  83. Learn to make a new dessert- 2/9/08 Completed: Heath “easy as” Pie
  84. Take a vacation somewhere new and fun- HAWAII- August 2008!
  85. Clean for 20 minutes a day during the workweek for one month. Done 5/5/08! A new habit has now been formed!
  86. Buy vitaminsDone March 2008
  87. Don’t complain about work to anyone at work for one month. Done August 2008!
  88. Donate to charity– September 2008!
  89. Buy a nice night robe
  90. Buy new nice matching pajamasMay 2008
  91. Eat SushiCompleted 1/4/08: YUM!
  92. Don’t drink Diet drinks for one week.Complete February 19, 2008 and going!
  93. Buy candle holders for my nightstand
  94. Get season two of the Gilmore Girls
  95. Wear perfume daily for a week
  96. Make my bed every day for a week.
  97. Buy nice towels for guests
  98. Buy a nice soap dispensor for kitchen
  99. A frame of family for work– Done April 2008
  100. Vote- Super Tuesday!! GO OBAMA!
  101. Stuff my floor pillows
  102. Re-Read Big Sisters Guide to the Working World
  103. Do something nice for K once a week for two months.
  104. Have a non-clothing littered floor in my bedroom for one month.
  105. Draw a Henna pattern and frame it for my office
  106. Make a charity jar (last paragraph of this post)
  107. Do all my prayers five times a day for a month
  108. Load dishes each night before bed for a monthDone 5/7/08!

17 thoughts on “108 in 2008”

  1. Aisha, I love those ideas! Dont mind if I steal some of them. I assure you, kicking my tv habit was one of the best things I did. You’ll have so much more time to read and amazon.com will become your bestest buddy if its not already. ๐Ÿ™‚Studying for the bar now, pray for me :/


  2. asalaam alaikum warahmat Allah sister aisha, not sure how i ended up here, but was interesting to read your list. if you are up for advice (seems that most people are getting defensive these days) you should make #107 your first and foremost goal because any of the other ones you have will mean nothing infront of Allah and your good placement in Jannah without prayer. and ask Allah to make it easy for you to have the best of both worlds, not just this donia..peace,suhaa


  3. wasalaam, I agree prayer is a priority, all things religious merit the highest priority, I hope its obvious that this list is not in order of priority, its just a random list of things. Reading the Quran, paying my zakaat, are also listd in here interspersed through the list. Its not a list in order of priority, but if it was, I agree with you that the religious should be first. Thank you for saying that, I know others might think the same thing and now I have gotten a chance to explain!


  4. Muse, can you send me your link again??? I have finally put up my bookmarks but can’t find you!!!!GOOD LUCK with the bar, you will do GREAT insh’allah.


  5. Ever since I saw Huda’s list I’ve been making one, too. But then I look at it and think maybe the list will feel like too much of a burden, so I abandon it.Then I lay in bed at night and think of things to add to it, and think it will be an inspiration to be more ambitious – and so the next morning I add to it until I begin to worry it will be a burden… LOL.We will see if I ever post one.


  6. Tee, I think you should do it. As long as the goals are doable it hopefully won’t be a burden. These are aspirations after all, and goals, and they should be things you want to improve on or do anyways. I know when I ate Sushi, I didnt do it for the list, but then Ir emembered thel ist and I was so excited!! I think if I dont do all the things on my list, I won’t focus on the not done but try focusing on all thet hings Id id do. IF you do it, check out http://www.joesgoals.com ITS AWESOME, you can track your goals online with checkmarks and add as many goals you want.


  7. Tee, do it, do it! It’ll be our little club, and then at the end of the year, we’re holding each other accountable. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Just make sure you pick reasonable, attainable things instead of reaching for the sky. As the imam on our hajj trip said, if you try to do too much, you’ll get discouraged and end up doing nothing at all.Aisha, I love #103. Do you normally not do nice things for him? ๐Ÿ˜‰ And if you are up for a live show, I have a list of things I want to see at the Fox and the Alliance (but Riverdance is not on it, sorry). Let me know!


  8. Aisha, some how I reached this page. interesting list. It would be nice to see how you keep up with them. Some of them are more challenging than others.One thought is that if you’ve kept doing some of the things for a month, you should probably not stop there, right? ๐Ÿ™‚Looks like you have been writing for a while; I just strated with a blog: oneloneleyplanet.wordpress.com, any feedback would be nice. I think my blogs will be mostly how-tos and technical though.oh well…


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