And the streets are paved with gold

How does it work that a child flees with her family from war torn Afghanistan, hiding out briefly in the crime ridden slums of Pakistan, to the USA where she is afraid to check the mail because the drug dealers next door look at her funny, and must sit crouched trembling on the night before Eid, in the corner of her bedroom because bullets flew through her bedroom wall, mere inches from her head?

When the war in Iraq was still a debate I remember a reporter’s interview with a man in a troubled slum in Chicago about his take on the war on t-rror. I’ll never forget his response “Its strange to fight t-rrorism there when we have t-rrorism here in Chicago” Interested, the reporter leaned in “You mean, you know of t-rrorist cells?” He responded “Yes, they are the gangs doing drive bys and killing our children with their stray bullets, they are the drug dealers who keep our youth numb and broke. We should get these t-rrorists, they’re the reasons we lie in fear each night, the reason most of our men don’t live past 24″

Yes, we should. Eid Mubarak Madiha. I wish I could take you away from it all but I can’t, and I am so sorry Madiha.

5 thoughts on “And the streets are paved with gold”

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  2. Thanks for reminding Madiha to us….I read that 2 yr old post again.I worked for a while in one of the hospital at south side of Chicago and believe me, I assure you we are not just to all segments of society. Unforyunately, it appears that police and administration is just not interested.


  3. TFL, the power of prayer can never be underestimated. Bless you for doing that.‘ijtema, thanks for letting me know!Tracy… we just dont cover it like we should… its terrible.Mystic…. I dont know what the root reason is for the apathy towards the inner city… I’m sure Chicago is at least on par with the rough areas around me…


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