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State of Emergenc..yawn!

Pakistan’s State of Emergency is over. You know the one spoken of in troubled voices on CNN? The reason many non-desi friends asked in hushed voices if it was really wise to go to Pakistan considering? The way the media covered it you’d think the residents of Pakistan were spending their time trembling under beds watching the news with their binkie blankets. My relatives who my folks are staying with are one big military family with my chacha/chachi/cousins ALL in the military and all living in Islamabad… so I figured they’d be riveted and catching the play by play of this international scandal, but apparently not…

Me: Sooo, the State of Emergency is over!
Ami: The State of what?
Ami: Oh…that.. is it over?
Me: Yesss… its all over the news here… How are people reacting?
Ami: hold one second beta… *speaking to relatives* Uh huh, that Emergency thing, its over. Yes, Aisha said. Yes, she’s doing good.
Me: You mean you didn’t know? People aren’t cheering in the streets?
Ami: No, people are busy doing their Eid shopping beta! But that’s nice!

10 thoughts on “State of Emergenc..yawn!”

  1. yeah, hardly anybody cares in Pakistan. That’s the beauty, we as a nation have stopped worrying about National Issues, and so very happy or distressed in our personal lives. πŸ™‚


  2. LOL. This was such an interesting interaction. It still surprises me that such a gap between what is reported on the news and what is reality, exists. The first time I really realized this was when I made friends online with some Iraqis. I would ask them a question based on something I saw on CNN but their answers were always surprising to me. For example, CNN would be saying Iraqis want the United States to leave their country NOW. My Iraqi friends would tell me the majority want the troops to stay, at least until proper peace keeping UN troops, etc, can be put in place, b/c now that we’ve made the mess, they don’t want to be abandoned.It’s strange that so many base their political beliefs off of things they learn on the news when it’s not really always a reliable source.


  3. Suleman, its kind of like here when we hear Congress has shut down this week. Welll okay politically that has some consequences but practically, would someoen delay their visit because of it? Not likely. This was a similar incident. Are you in Pakistan?Tee, amen to that. We do rely a lot on a source that’s not always accurate. I just saw a dateline thing on China getting a lot of our trash to store. And the show talked about how its good b/c they recycle it and make paper and benches, but what about the nonrecylcable stuff? I think journalists jobs are to tell both sides of the tales but they don’t really do that anymore these days.


  4. Hi Aisha. I check in on your blog via my RSS reader (bless the Internet) and this post really did make me chuckle at work. πŸ™‚I’m glad someone’s had the sense to put this up. Hope you’re looking forward to Eid – I’ve packaged up gifts for my family and sent them over. It’s convenient that I can celebrate Eid and Christmas relatively close this year.Hope you’re well and have a good week. πŸ™‚


  5. It is so true…While I was in Karachi….no one was even ‘ a little bit’ worried about emergency etc., Its a different Pakistan from what we see in news here. Politics was only in newspapers and news channel. PPl were se detatched. Good or bad ? (another debate).Actually nobody cared about imposing and lifing of emerg…(yawn)


  6. Chorna, thanks for dropping in πŸ™‚ I’m glad it gave you a chuckle!! Eid shopping… eh… I’m the laziest soul alive when it comes to shopping, but I’m glad you’re on top of it!! πŸ™‚Mystic, yeah whether its good or bad that people seemed apathetic is a different story, but the way they made it sound… it really was not the reality of the people living there.


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