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Thinking while dieting

Ipods while running on a treadmill is great but if not securely fastened you might jerk it as you take it up a level and it will then literally, fly to the other end of the gym. It’s physics-ly possible folks. Not that I had any personal experience in that area.

The gym is a hopeful place. Either you’re getting in shape or keeping in shape. Today I saw a kid (If you’re 18, you’re ten years my junior, I think I can call you kid). He had black rimmed glasses so thick they made his eyes pop out, gym shorts tied awkwardly around his chest, and socks that went well past his knees. I saw him as he walked in, his mouth agape as he looked around in wonder. I wager 10 crisp dollars it was the first time he set foot in a gym, and as walked with determination towards the treadmill, I couldn’t help but feel a little hopeful myself.

Eating out is the death of a diet. Even the seemingly healthy options aren’t necessarily healthy. Case in point, considering PF Changs I said to the guy I live with “There’s nothing healthy there” to which he responded “Why yes there is, there’s salad” to which I went to their site and discovered they have nutritional content and people, their salads were MORE FATTENING than the entrees! I’m not saying that all seemingly healthy options are unhealthy, but you’d be surprised. The big healthy logo next to the Turkey Salad might seem like a sound option, but may also have a teeny tiny disclaimer saying “Not including the dressing, nuts, croûtons, and oh yeah, the Turkey” And the bread basket they place before you as you sit there with your stomach growls the National Anthem… its hard to resist! Its quite a dieting conundrum.

Wall charts work. So far. I hung it up right by by bathroom scale on the wall to chart my progress day by day. Its a really motivator to work out and watch what you eat because you really want to chart your progress and you really want it to look like a downhill mountain in the Himalayas and not the flat prairie lands of Kansas. Plus, it reminds you if you had three days of flat lining that it happened three days before and it did go down. Its a good perspective-izer.

Cool links rock: Lifehack, Chris.Porillo.

And that is all.

6 thoughts on “Thinking while dieting”

  1. Oh no, of course I didn’t think the flying iPod incident happened to you Aisha. Really, it wasn’t the first thought that came to mind 😛 …and I think I can call you “baji” :p lol! You know they say this dieting thing doesn’t really work so I eat everything 😀 Seriously, they say as long as you don’t over do it, eat whatever you feel like!p.s. who comes up with these word verification thingies? lol! I got “Luwbuu” this time lol!


  2. Mezba, lol… I’ve never realy noticed…. 😉Suroor, lol, thanks, I didnt really consider this post inspirational but I appreciate that it could be 🙂Enyur, LOL thats hilarious re the word verification. And yeah if you’re at a healthy place you shouldnt restrict anything, but I am a sugar addict. Like hard core… so I need to restrict myself. :*(


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