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Ferdinand the Lawyer

Growing up Ferdinand the Bull was one of my favorite stories. Ferdinand is a bull, but unlike other bulls who fight and snort and butt heads, Ferdinand preferred sitting under a tree smelling flowers. So un-bull-like.

I feel Ferdy’s pain. I hate confrontations and I’m a lawyer. I wanted to be a lawyer to fight for justice. Cheesy? Perhaps. The truth? Absolutely. The problem is that even when fighting for what you believe in you’re still fighting. I thought confronting for good wouldn’t feel so icky. Its not that I feel terrible, it just leaves an unpleasant taste in my mouth kind of like a splenda cheesecake and I didn’t expect that. I thought Aisha who hates confrontation and Aisha the Lawyer! would be best of friends but have their own rooms. Not quite. Today was my first solo confrontation. It went well, but I’m drained by the drama. The confrontation was so unnecessary. But its part of the job,. Maybe time will teach me how to embrace it. Maybe 2 years from now I’ll eagerly hop into the boxing ring like Muhammad Ali.

11 thoughts on “Ferdinand the Lawyer”

  1. Aisha, you sound like me lol! And yes, it will come with time. The more you put yourself in these types of situations the better you get at it…practice does make perfect 🙂 Now go get ’em tiger! *tee hee*P.S. I like the Splenda Cheesecake example! :o)


  2. AAAH. I can totally relate to this. Let me know how you deal with this, because boy, am I scared! I jump a mile from confrontation, and then mull for hours about whose feelings I hurt, and who is angry with me.And your M.Ali reference renders it necessary for me to leave you with his, extremely appropriate, quote:“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!”


  3. Enyur, MWAH, thanks for your encouragment 🙂Azmaaish, I’m glad you can relate. Are you in lawschool? thank you for the quote. It actually really works here. Thanks for the the reimdner.


  4. thats right! totally forgot your’e a lawyer. im in the process of a career change… applying to law school. took my LSATs. awful awful awful test. dont have my score yet. freaking out. i’ll apply soon for fall 2008. iA i hope i get in. when i do… you will become my new best friend. 😀hope all is well…. im back to blogging… not as much as i used to but its getting better. got busy with work and wasnt able to get online. take care..


  5. Ugh TBG, I hated the LSAT, and law school for that matter… and being a lawyer come to think of it… at least certain aspects of it… hmm.Welcome back to blogging 🙂


  6. Splenda cheesecake… Yes. I understand. Good analogy. LOL.I never read this book as a child, but I really like the illustration and the plot. I’ll have to look for it.I also don’t like confrontation. I think I’m good at arguing my points, but I feel emotionally exhausted afterwards.{hugs}


  7. That’s cool, I work at a non profit public interest law firm that specializes in Health Law. Very interesting area but very intimidating… MEdicaid, Medicair, etc. YIKES.


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