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Meet Marvin, my muppet.

It all began innocently enough. I’m a sucker for sentiment so my walls are filled with meaningful mementos. This was to be our wall of musical mementos.

First was the Turkish Ukelele acquired via vigorous bargaining at the Grand Bazaar:

Then came the Brazilian Bongos from Rio’s Hippie Fair:

In Costa Rica we saw maracas and, well, we just had to! All seemed fine til one wintry eve when while reading a book I got that strange feeling I was being watched:

Doesn’t it look like a muppet? A very somber serious muppet?

Some people have scarecrows, I have a no nonsense muppet lost in thought. Welcome to the family Marvin.

5 thoughts on “Meet Marvin, my muppet.”

  1. LOL – How funny. That is freaking me out a bit… I hate when regular household things take on new lives.I always have a problem with the grain of the wood on doors looking like faces.


  2. LSC, maybe but i have to be no longer frightened by it either 🙂Mezba, the door is open always! Come on down!Tee, lol… yeahhhh I do that with the grains of wood on the door too!!! LOL


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