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On Smarmy Bugs

There is a roach in my garage. A big one. I have paperwork in my car. My car is in the garage. When I open the door it flies. I hate roaches. I’m so scared of them I’d rather stand in an ant pile while watching baseball rather than encounter one. I can see the headline: Girl fails to meet deadline due to roach. I could explain the law on squatters to said roach and begin eviction proceedings (I live in a nonjudicial eviction state) but a) I doubt he’d listen (he’s an evil roach) and b) He’s scary and knows it (why else would he come flying when he knows K is asleep?) Sigh. I think I’ll name him Smarmy.

3 thoughts on “On Smarmy Bugs”

  1. ROFL! I feel your pain sister! lol! Okay, here’s what you do….try using an extra hold hairspray. When you spray the roach, you’ll stiffen his/her wings (or whatever). Disclaimer: Enyur has tried this on a small fly and it worked like a charm. If for any reason this does not work on Smarmy, Enyur will not be liable for whatever the outcome may be :pP.S. So if that doesn’t work, I pray that your hubby wakes up soon! lol!!


  2. Ew! A FLYING roach?! I thought they only made those MUCH further south. Carlos is always telling me about the nasty cockroaches in El Salvador that you can HEAR walking and flying when you sleep at night. *shiver*


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