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This was the first weekend in months that I didn’t have ten hundred places to go and things to do. It was a weekend of pink pajamas and purple socks and the aim of remaining in this quite stylish getup for as long as humanly possible. Though not a 100% success, I’m still quite pleased with what I spent it doing:

1. Watching two entire discs of Gilmore Girls Season 1.

2. Celebrating my nanowrimo win by re-reading the story and despising it to an unholy degree and telling myself NOT to throw it into a burst of flames though my personal fireplace hasn’t been turned on for the past four years because of the questionable nature of the floot.

3. Organizing the pantry. Its not a good sign when your spouse opens the pantry to procure a pretzel and yells at the top of his lungs OH MY GOD- ITS CLEAN!!!

4. Drinking chai that I simmered on a stove and strained through a strainer on cold wintry nights and was oh so divine.

5. NOT watching The Namesake for which I was counting down to for months. Three months ago I actually drove to six different movie selling locations in search of it and 5 out of 6 thought it was a scifi horror thriller, why? I do not know. At any rate, curiously upon purchasing it, I have yet to stick into my dvd player and actually watch it.

4 thoughts on “Random”

  1. LOL! Aisha, your day sounds pretty much like mine (we were snowed in!) except that I didn’t really accomplish much in my pjs and socks. Instead, I read ‘someone’s looong’ reply πŸ˜‰ (to which I have yet to reply) and I finally got around to purchasing a gift through an online registry for an upcoming wedding in 2 weeks (no not mine! lol!)Other than that, it was a pretty quiet day.Congrats on the Nanowrimo win! Yes, simmered chai is comforting, especially on a cold day!I watched Namesake (don’t worry, I won’t spoil it for you), I thought it was a rather slow movie but I liked it! Interested to know what your thoughts are about the movie!Enjoy the rest of the evening!Later!


  2. Oh! It’s on DVD now?! I didn’t even know… I need to go rent it. I didn’t used to be a big movie watcher but lately I have seen so many movie I want to see and DVDs I want to own.I walked around WalMart yesterday with the 25th special edition of the digitally remastered “The Last Unicorn”. I finally forced myself to put it back.I had chai the other day. It was nice… I just had hot cocoa right now though.Totally feeling you on #2.


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