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The Writer’s Strike

The writer’s strike is bugging me for several reasons. First, writers are important. Without them there is no show. You can usually tell when a good writer has left a show, sure they never streaked through scenes in the past, but their absence is felt in the lack of sharp dialogue, original humor and plot lines. Second, I don’t like the stance the fat cats are taking. They know they can hold out longer than writer’s whose checking accounts aren’t as padded as theirs, and take the stance pshaw! we dont need yew! and proceed to push reality TV down our throats, including a show called (and as Dave Barry says, I’m not making this up folks:) Farmer wants a wife. Um, yeah. Reality TV can be intriguing, put me in front of a marathon of America’s Next Top Model and yes dishes be darned because I will watch it till the end! But still, I love New York, Real World, etc do not exactly boost your IQ points or give you something meaningful to reflect on in the world (And yes ANTM doesn’t either but at least I learn how to walk a runway… I mean you never know right? ahem.. correct answer: right). So it comes down to: Be fair to writers or Replace them with shows like My dad is better than your dad. (Again, NOT making it up). Media Fat Cats: Are we THAT sheep-like to you that you can put anything on for us and we will watch? I for one plan to take Huda’s advice, if I must watch TV, I’ll be going the TV on DVD route.

If you want the writers’ perspective on what’s going on, this video explains it well.

2 thoughts on “The Writer’s Strike”

  1. LOL @ “Farmer Wants a Wife” I would probably just add on “E-I-E-I-O!” 😀And I agree…writers are important. It’s always the one’s “Behind the scenes” (who really do the work) that are taken for granted. *Sighs*


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