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Why you should be careful when wearing makeup to work

Because if you do, and wear it ever day, then one day when your alarm doesn’t go off and you find yourself running forty minutes late for a meeting that begins in 20, you might just mad dash out of the house without a trace of makeup on your face. And then, your boss, who is the sweetest most helpful person on the planet but not always the most tactful might take one look at you and in horror pull you to the side in a hushed whisper asking you if you are quite all right because you certainly don’t look like you normally do what with the pale complexion and all. Yeah.

Seriously, I never wore much make up until I began working. I mean, maybe some concealer here and there, but the whole eyeshadow- eyeliner- mascara- lipstick- blush deal… not so much. And in part for that very reason: I knew that if you wear that then that becomes your normal base line and any time you accidentally oversleep and therefore rush out the door before applying any you end up looking like a sad woeful creature who needs to be in bed with some chicken noodle soup.

Although, then again, perhaps being able to look pale and pitiful and in desperate need of chicken soup when not wearing make-up, could come in handy on days one needs to retire home early to catch up on their Ugly Betty on-line reruns*

**Disclaimer: I, Aisha, do not in any way shape or form condone the use of duplicitous methods such as the not wearing of make up for the purpose of appearing woeful and thus inspiring pity points and being able to go home early for the implied dreadful illness that has surely overtaken you to cause you to look as you do. The former paragraph was merely stated as pun intended only to humor and not to advocate for any actual going home early moments whatsoever. (Picture source here)

7 thoughts on “Why you should be careful when wearing makeup to work”

  1. Aisha, I’m at work right now (of course on my lunch break) and this post cracked me up!My normal routine is: Foundation, blush, eye-liner, lip-liner/stick AND now that I have mastered how to apply Mascara without my mouth open, I use that too! But everything is in moderation. Anyway, the times when I do rush out the door without painting my face, I get the “Are you feeling okay?” stares and questions. So I know exactly what you mean lol!P.S. About that Disclaimer…Now you really sound like a lawyer lol!! :oD


  2. LOL @ Enyur’s P.S!This is why I don’t do makeup often. That way when I do wear it people are amazed that I actually clean up alright. LOL. Better to surprise them once in awhile than to get their expectations too high.By the way – I’m passing on a fabulous little award to you at — You don’t have to display it or play the meme thing if you don’t want. I know you’re busy! 🙂 (But I do think you’re fabulous all the same.) 😀


  3. I remember reading a study that showed women who wear makeup were more likely to be promoted than women who did not. I still don’t know what this says about society and I remember at the time my rebellious nature wanting to never wear makeup again.Then I got up the next morning, looked in the mirror, and started layering on the face I use to face the world.And yet, there is a picture on the internet of me without any makeup on. I don’t tell people where because I am afraid that if anyone looks at it for too long they may go blind and I wouldn’t want to be responsible for anyone else’s stumbling around. I do that well enough on my own.


  4. Enyur, lol, I hate the laughing at work particularly when it happens at the wrong time!! 🙂Tee, aww thanks for the award! I would go back to the non-makeup look except now I’m too weirded out to be w/out 😦Satia, hey nanowrimio-ian!! Yeah, I am not surprised that women who wear makeup get promoted more. I think there are assumptions that come with make up wearing… probably subconscious but there nonetheless.Suroor, lol I think its safe to say I did not look like her cute as she is 🙂Muslim Wife, thanks :)) (I am eagerly awaiting to meet you!!)


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