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I’m Useless, but not for long

Have you ever considered the word chipmunk? Like really thought about it? Think about it, break it down into its syllables: chip. munk. Say it 100 times. Pretty soon chipmunk will sound like the most ridiculous word you ever heard and you will suddenly forget what the word even means.

Thats kinda where I’m at with bar studying. I’ve studied the concepts, re-studied, and studied again until now I’ve reached a point where I almost feel as if I dont understand them anymore. So today I decided to take the day off and go shopping for the things I need for the bar exam and to comply with their requirements as in no flip flops, no cell phones, no watches that could potentially beep, all food in ziplock bags and only one bag per person, no perfume (they prefer their lawyers stinky I suppose), no wallets, no purses, and so on and so forth! It was rather fitting today as I was shopping that the Gorillaz song came on, in relevant part: I ain’t happy, I’m feeling glad I got sunshine, in a bag I’m useless, but not for long The future is coming on It’s coming on It’s coming on It’s coming on. Yes instead of cold sweats and palpitations and the fear of doom which is how I’ve been feeling these past few days, I’m going to go in confident! I’m going to take it ON! I may be useless, but NOT FOR LONG, my future is coming on! (Insh’allah- if you think of me please keep me in your prayers!) *gulp*

13 thoughts on “I’m Useless, but not for long”

  1. best of luck sis, loads of dua heading your way! 🙂 “im feeling useless but not for long” is my mantra at the moment! starting work as an official grown up in 3 days ! eeek!


  2. chipmunk <>is<> a bizzarre word, why have i never thought about that>>!!oh gosh, you’re a lawyer, i nearly went into law and changed my mind at the last minute.. and chose teaching!i think i’m poorer but happier! but sometimes i wonder whether i would have enjoyed the thrill of the bar, as i’m sure you love it and wouldn’t change it for anything!i’m not sure if you have had the exam yet, but i’ll ay a special prayer for you tonight. xx


  3. Thanks for the well wishes y’all. You have NO idea how much your encouragement brings me up. Thank you.Hema… haha funny you say that because I was a teacher, the first few years of my blog reflect that 🙂 And law isnt as exciting as it sounds, not nearly… but my job will be representing kids with issues with the school system so that will be fun, though it wont bring a BMW sitting on my driveway anytime soon!


  4. I have a couple years before having to write the bar but I’m dreading it already! Best of luck to you…inshAllah all your hard work will give you success!


  5. Aisha,The bar was HARD. I felt like question #3 was a joke.. and I felt awful as I left the MBE (which I thought was unusually difficult as well… even with my Mircomash and PMBR prep). I have prayed about this for a long time and am just claiming my victory at this point. Did you get a sense of other people’s reactions?


  6. wow, all of this was a year ago.i wonder what your doing now, and where u just a young teenager, im 15. muslim aswell, and i take intrest in how amazing it seems you know, a part of your LIFE is on the internet and i happened to stumble upon it! haha! XDbest of luck, and inshallah khair in everything in life for all of us.happy new year yall!!


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