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To your left you see a sign I saw driving to class today. I’m glad they made the sign bilingual because otherwise a Spanish speaking individual could’ve driven by, saw “Dentist” without the necessary translation and thought Dentist? I wonder whatever that could be? Perhaps it is a glorious ice cream parlor. Oh it does look divine! I shall bring my children to feast here tonight! I mean… seriously?

10 thoughts on “Seriously?”

  1. ROFLMAO!!!“Perhaps it is a glorious ice cream parlor.”OMG… I’m dying here. Thanks for the laugh.Seriously, I see more and more things put into Spanish and it makes me angry. I know – that’s weird that it makes me of all people angry. I speak Spanish and love cultures and would benefit having a job someday as a translator and all that – but I just don’t think it’s really helping someone.First of all, this is giving people fish when we should be teaching them HOW TO fish.Second – it’s preferential.We were at WalMart last week and there was a shampoo bottle COMPLETELY in Spanish – not a bilingual bottle – COMPLETELY Spanish. I held it up to Carlos and angrily asked, “What if a Chinese person wanted to buy this? HUH?!” … He told me to quiet down and put it back. Hee hee…But seriously – Every other culture that comes here is forced to learn English – I don’t think letting the Hispanics have it easier is very fair.


  2. it does look a bit bizzarre, although i would agree it was more for the gesture than anything. i’m just blog hopping at the moment, but i love this one. i’m going to come back to it. xx


  3. In Madison Wisconsin there is a small restaurant, a greasy spoon as we say that has another sign below its name. The sign simply says “Eat”. I always found that a bit insulting and therefore never ate there. I wonder what type of customer has to be told, at a restaurant, to “eat”.


  4. Tee, lol, well this person had other languages as well…. so it wasn’t just Spanish. I dont know if I mind if the word was Dentist and then I dont know…. “XUZ” but DentistA… lol it was just one of those days I guess.Hema, welcome and thanks for leaving ac omment πŸ™‚Jane! Baji! I’ve missed you both. I hope you’re well.


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