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When the obsessive compulsive dish washing screeches to a halt… And the laundry has actually formed a pile on the floor… And the scrapbooking lays untouched in a corner…. And phone calls grow increasingly unreturned… And the blog gets updated only once a week… And you find yourself on a perfectly lovely 4th of July afternoon reflecting on the 5th year of your marriage.. and how five years just like that have flown by… And then a realization hits you much like the cartoon anvil in the Wile E. Coyote cartoons: If five years can fly by, then surely three weeks will flutter away faster than a butterfly wink. And that is when the proverbial fire lights under the proverbial behind and you sit down and you study with determination you never felt before because the determination is fueled by the most potent fuel on earth: fear, pure unadulterated terrifying fear, and that is when the studying truly begins.

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