One of those weeks?

Ever had one of those weeks? You know the kind where your AC breaks down in 90 degree weather and because you have friends staying with you in three days you shell out crazy money to get it fixed only for it to break down minutes before they arrive and your house resembles more sauna than home and the AC repairman and the money you gave him is nowhere to be found? And then you go upstairs and as you open your bedroom closet an entire shelf collapses with all the clothes you just hung up? And then open up the laptop you bought because your emotionally abusive one died and discover the salesman gave you the wrong computer and you have to register for the bar exam that day? And then raced down to the store 25 miles away and discovered that the price went up and no they won’t give it for what you originally bought, so you buy another with way less features than you want but because you have to register and you need a computer to do so and though Dwayne was very kind and lent you his computer in the interim you know you can’t keep it all the way until exam day so you end up purchasing what technically is a laptop but weighs approximately 23 pounds?

And then as a result of all aforementioned distractions, you find yourself on a Tuesday morning realizing that you’ll be on campus from 9am to 9pm but forgot to bring food and have no cash? And then wander for a solid hour in 90 degree weather trying to find an ATM but then once locating it realize you don’t know where you’ll get change for a twenty? So you walk into a bookstore and just as you walk in, the door shuts behind you for the store is now closed but you made it on time and as the cashier tells you they can’t open the register, someone walks up to check out allowing them to open the register and give you change so you can eat and not spend the entire day functioning on one cup of Einstein coffee and a diet soda? And as you sit down with your baked lays you suddenly feel so lucky you made it to the bookstore just in time , and suddenly you get a glimpse of all the other ways that life is actually good if you choose to see it that way, and then you suddenly inexplicably feel kinda sorta… happy? Alhamdullilah.

10 thoughts on “One of those weeks?”

  1. 🙂 Nice light at the end of the tunnel. Do you have a Toshiba now? I just read your old post about the emotionally abusive one. I had one of those too…it was a toshiba…


  2. Wow what a day! Remember, Allah never burdens a person more than they can bear. But I’ve had days like this too–I just wish I had your wit and eloquence to rant about it. I have been regularly checking your blog now for a few weeks because I think you have a great way with words and great sense of humor, masha Allah. May Allah always keep you under His Mercy. Ameen!


  3. YM, thanks 🙂BG, yeah I’m still here 🙂Wayfarer, YIKES was your lemon a Toshiba?? I had a gateway… my brother has one too and he has not had as much of a tough time as I had… we had to return the toshiba because it was the wrong model but now I have a compaq.. we’ll see how it goes. Are you in Jersey now??Ruby, your comments are like a hug to me :0)Ammar, anon, lol, thanks 🙂Shabana, aww thank you!!! that givs me the motivation to log in and post, seriously, your comment means a lot to me. Thank you.


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