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Because thinking is good

On the flight to Michigan this past weekend I saw a guy wearing a really cool t-shirt that said in large bold letters: THINK! Its not illegal-yet. It made me smile and after pondering why I hadn’t been born a 60’s flower power child when such t-shirts were common place and bell bottoms were cool.. I thought of Al Gore’s new book, the Assault on Reason, which talks about where the emphasis on using ones reason went… Ofcourse others have voiced similar observations but if Gore is on the bandwagon that means that it’ll get talked about and maybe it’ll get thought about too. Then I thought of Hijabman‘s recent post on the media which has been my gripe for some time too so his post, Gore’s book, finding a stash of Noam Chomsky articles… and ofcourse, random dude with the cool shirt gives me hope that though there’ll be a sizeable population that’ll call in sick because Sanjaya got booted off American Idol (Its sizeable if its even two people folks, and yes, there were four in my area who called in sick the Thursday following his boot) at least there is hope for thoughts, and thinking. Maybe it’ll catch on and become trendy and maybe MTV will d0 a show on it between Sweet 16 and Real World Season 3,213, and then maybe, just maybe, more thoughts will kabloom like dandelions!

Mandatory Disclaimer: If perchance you took to your bed after Sanjaya was booted off I dont mean to say you don’t think. Ofcourse you think, you’re reading this, and getting absolutely furious at my gall, and that requires thinking. Just because you watch Sweet 16, or Real World doesn’t mean you don’t think. I have been known to flip through, land and watch them myself and Ugly Betty rocks and I won’t apologize for that. The thinking I refer to is critical thinking and analytical reasoning and it would be nice if it was encouraged more than it is. I’m not saying one can’t reason and analyze while simultaneously indulging in some mindless television, all I’m saying is I think critical thinking and logical reasoning is important, its not being done enough, and I’m glad its being talked about. That’s all.

9 thoughts on “Because thinking is good”

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  2. thinking hurts my brain! 😦and i never seen ugly betty, american idol, or heard of sweet 16. 😦starting to think about where i fit in… and now my brain is hurting! see what you did!😛for the record, i’m glad too.


  3. Love the way you write… it has substance =) I’d totally buy that t-shirt if I saw it in the store. Seems like people in today’s day and age really have forgotten how to use their brains–it’s sad especially because many of them have actual potential.


  4. Masses can’t think. They long to be fed. Otherwise, there would be no need for religion. Urging them to think flirts with chaos.


  5. Hola all, thanks for all your input 🙂Dreaming Musafir, thanks, please come again 🙂Shaz, LOL :)Ugly Betty is actually quite entertaining, but thank your lucky stars you’ve never heard of Sweet 16. I think I lost brain cells just having known that it exists 🙂 Good to see ya around her e:)ruby 🙂HM, you’re right, its apolegetic of me. If you called in sick due to Sanjaya BOO! better? 🙂Mystic its a struggle to be against the status quo.


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