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On empty homes and full hearts…

For three years I looked forward to last weekend. I remember lazy summer evenings at Cafe Istanbul picturing my graduation lunch and the house packed full of people and my family watching me graduate. These were the thoughts that kept me going, and kept me from quitting when at times I desperately wanted to. Law school was optional. A career change that surprised many close to me, and in some ways, myself. Because it was optional, an additional degree, it was doubly difficult to fight off the nagging doubts about my choice, and doubly difficult at times to not burst into tears when others chided me on my choice. Thats why this JD is more than a degree to me, its me letting myself know that I can do it despite me not believing in me at times. It tells me that it has been done, and that there is more to be done, and that inshallah more is indeed possible.

Thursday as the first guest arrived I felt a sense of sadness because I knew just like that the weekend I anticipated for three years, would fly by- and it did. Though its nice to sleep in a bed and not my living room floor, the house seems strangely quiet, as though it too feels slightly lonely.

And to my friends, please know your kind words, messages, comments and gifts have warmed my heart and made me feel blessed beyond measure. Friendship is a precious privilege. Family, good or bad, are the relationships we must endure. But friendships- friendships are a delicious choice, and true friendships are the creme brulee in the feast of life. There was a time I felt I’d never find such qualities again in friends- its for that reason that I feel truly blessed and I thank you for being you. I hope I can be the same sort of friend to you.

Ahem, for all those rolling their eyes and/or giggling at my sappy-iosity. Please forgive me but come on, I’m entitled to a tad bit of sappiness in light of all the whining I have put you all through, no? Oh yeah, thanks for putting up with that too! ๐Ÿ™‚

18 thoughts on “On empty homes and full hearts…”

  1. Masha-allah !!Wish you all the best for all the coming years and fellowship.Once again – it is a true happiness to see this picture.Khush raho, abad raho aur yunhi muskurati raho – Aameen


  2. …congratulations!!!… :)accomplishing something that you yourself think is undoable is one of the greatest, most euphoric feelings in the world!!…you’ve earned every bit of it so sit back and just enjoy for as long as you can…-ash


  3. Huda, until August 10th the copious amounts f time will be spent taking classes and studying for the Bar? Part of me wonders if I’ve even graduated!! ๐Ÿ™‚ PS: Is yur brother taking these courses?Mystic, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚Ash, aw thanks that is true…. its a euphoric feeling.


  4. โ€œDiscipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.โ€ ~Jim Rohn Your measure of discipline and commitment is remarkable. Even in your moments of self-doubt in you ability and wondering if you made the right choice, you stayed on course and finished.I hope when you look in the mirror you see who you truly are!You are a wonderful example to all who think, “I just can’t…..”Great picture.


  5. Is that you in the picture? I can’t tell by the angle. If it is, you look so beautiful and happy. I’m so excited for you. What an accomplishment. Good for you, girl!


  6. CONGRATULATIONS!! It’s been fun “accompanying” you through your journey through law school via your blog…and now you have your JD! (I’m jealous…:-P) Good luck studying for the bar…but enjoy your bit of time off as well! Have you decided to where you’ll be traveling?


  7. Congrats Ayesha..i hope u won’t forget few of our late night chats which..ahem.. kept u going ;)(yaar kehnay me kia hurj hey)i wish u a very successful laywer..ameen


  8. Anisa, Enyur, Twin, musical chef, hijab man, tee, Eun Ha, Baji, YM, jane mommyblogr, enyur, THANK YOU!!! ๐Ÿ™‚Hijab man, I loved Puerto Rico, a frien of mine is from there and we plan to go again when she takes her vacation she knows a lot of exclusive beautiful spots ๐Ÿ™‚


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