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Closing a chapter

Law School is over. Its unbelievable. I went to law school. Now I am done. I can still remember getting the envelope in the mail with my acceptance. The dinner at Woodfire Grill when we discussed part-time or full-time. I remember going part-time. And though I met beautiful children who blessed my life that year, I remember struggling that year. Waking up at 6am and coming home at 10pm and all too brief weekends stuffed in the office poring over books and choking back tears wondering if this was all worth it. I remember begging for permission to go full-time, and then taking 18 credits a semester from then on to catch up and gradute– now.

I will not miss poring over textbooks, I will not miss outlining, I will not miss surfing for hours as I find myself constantly distracted, I will not miss the anxiety before exams…

and yet…

I will miss… poring over textbooks…. outlining… surfing while distracted…. anxiety over exams..

As the proctor announced time was up today. And I turned in my exam book for the last time, I was surprised with the simplicity of the end. All these years that at times weighed like a dark cloud taunting me, and yet at times shaded me with rays of hope….. just like that, are over.

They say that it flies by, and when you’re done you look back and wonder where the time went. That’s not the case with me. I know where the time went, and a few hours after my last exam the struggles are still fresh in my memory…

But to know that I didn’t give up when I desperately wanted to… and to know that I did what I honestly believed I couldn’t…

I wish the me today could have told the me three years ago “It will be okay. It will be worth it”

Because it is.

27 thoughts on “Closing a chapter”

  1. congratulations!!!and trust me, the missing exams part will not last long. there are many things i miss about being in school…but exams are not one of wishes with all that the future holds for you,LoA.


  2. Salaam Aisha,CONGRATULATIONS!I still miss some aspects of college – it was such a wonderful time. But the loveliest parts (my friends & knowledge) are still with me and you will take those with you too.Insha-Allah may your future hold days ever more beautiful & bright!xo,B


  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!I hope I can come to a happy ending or at least ending with the taste of “completion” with just “minimum requirement” and I hope it’s worth it in the end. Heck I am *only* doing a masters, and I feel the dark cloud over me beginning at day 1 of each semester.Your post was so touching. It motivated me. Awrite, hit books, outline… do problems, scrath head, try to understand, do yet another “proof” and hopefully it will be worth it!Congrats!


  4. Congratulations sis!!!!!!!!Your post actually made me cry, it was so heartfelt and i totally know how you feel (well nearly) I am coming up to the last 4 weeks EVER of med school, and its turning me into an emotionally labile freak, i start crying at the most random things. It is the end of student life, and the start of adult like, not quite the end of poring over textbooks (tho i must say i do enjoy learning the stuff now) but the end of late mornings and lie insI think i will be posting an emotional post of my own when it is all over!I have followed your blog for a long time now, and it’s been so brilliant watching you go through everything and then finally come out at the end! πŸ™‚Muchos Congratso again:)


  5. LoA, Sobia, Baraka, Suroor, Bee Amma, Youngmuslimah, square cut, Awwwwwww THANK YOU so much for your well wishes. It warmed up my day! πŸ™‚Its weird, this degree means more than any other… maybe beacuse it was never something I was expected to get, and it was the degree I was least confident in attaining… I didn’t get this emotioanl over all my degrees, lol πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing in my happiness. Luv you guys! πŸ™‚


  6. “and to know that I did what I honestly believed I couldn’t…”…and then there are those of us who have never had a doubt that you could do what ever you put your mind to doing. Forgive the corny moment, But I am proud of you… very proud in fact. And coming from me – Well I hope you remember what that means. Well done. slider


  7. CONGRATULATIONS!YAY you survived-and flourished in tough old law school! And now I know who to come running to when I need help next year πŸ˜‰ Hope the next chapter is equally rewarding and exciting!


  8. congrats. i absolutely miss law school. mostly the learning part, but mostly the i can choose my schedule and not mold my life into 9-5. ugh.


  9. Wonderful! Congratulations! I am so happy for you and proud of you! What’s next now that this hurdle has been crossed? Going to take some time off, I hope. You’ve earned it.


  10. CONGRATSSSSS!!!!sorry im a little late! i know about the dual feelings, it feels great and at the same time not so much 😦in either case you finished and thts what matter!! πŸ™‚


  11. Congratulations! I felt that bittersweetness when I graduated high school. Can’t wait to see what amazing things are in store for you, my friend πŸ™‚


  12. Bee Amma, haha not that many, i just meant out of highschool, bachelors, masters, law school has meant the most πŸ™‚Mystic, Wayfarer, Anisa, Slider, ABCDLaw, OG, Anon, Koonj, Nabeel, Chai, Jane, TFL, Tee, THANK YOU!!!!!! Your congrats mean the world to me.


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