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Playing Trump

In honor of the fact that today is my very last law school exam EVER (insh’allah) thought I’d share some of the ways I was encouraged as I struggled through law school such as this particular discussion I fondly refer to as “Playing Trump”

Auntie with a wrinkled nose and troubled expression (AWNTE): So beta, you are in law school?
Me: Yes
AWNTE: Girls should do more domestic things you know, like teaching.
Me: I was a teacher, I taught second grade.
AWNTE: tsk tsk. So beta vy didnt you get your education degree? That vould make more sense nah?
Me: I did. You have to have a degree to teach Auntie.
AWNTE: *silence* Vell, vy didn’t you get a masters? Hmm? In teaching? That vood make more sense beta… really.
Me: Auntie, I have a Masters in Elementary Education.
AWNTE: *silence* Hmm.. acha…. so you dont vant to help children anymore, hmmm?
ME: I’m still helping kids Auntie. My job will be representing sick underprivileged kids having trouble in school.
AWNTE: Vell played child, Vell played indeed.

Note: the last line is purely fictional, but it is what I imagine she wished to say instead of silently walking away quite confused at a put down gone wrong. For the record, Auntie with the wrinkled nose and troubled expression did not congratulate me on winning the game of Trump. I took what we call, creative license with the last line.

15 thoughts on “Playing Trump”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!Too bad I still have evidence (tomorrow morning) and first amendment to go this semester, and an entire 3L year. – Rasha


  2. Hello once again. It really was a funny post đŸ™‚ It’s nice to know that you are a lawyer because I am also a non-practicing lawyer and though my knowledge of law is limited but still we can discuss this subject and hopefully you may answer some of my amateurish questions about the constitution of Untied States. Today I read a news item that the Congress needs two-thirds majority to overturn the veto used by President Bush on the bill regarding the funding of US troops stationed in Iraq and the Congress’s condition to give timetable for the withdrawal of troops. I thought that the Congress only needs a simple majority (51% of present and voting) to overturn the president’s veto? One other question, what will the president do if Congress doesnot passes this bill? I mean how the US troops stationed in Iraq will be funded?


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