Why weddings can cause a temporary blog hiatus

A dear friend of ours got married this past weekend. It was a full out traditional three day desi wedding and we, his friends, helped organize and plan it. Though I helped with weddings in the past including my own, I never realized how much work was involved when you are one of the “go to” people. At the valima I sat listening to my growling stomach wondering when food would be served and realized, we are hosting, and ran to remind someone to make an announcement for dinner. I never craved the direction of an auntie telling me what to do more. Holding the reigns is a lot harder than it looks from the outside. Desi weddings are an interesting situation for they highlight the most beautiful part of our culture yet underscore the lowest points as well. For me, the mehndi began with such hope and promise as I admired our mehndi trays and looked at the sea of orange, yellow and reds in the crowds but ended at the end of the three day marathon feeling a sense of pure exhaustion tinged with a bit of disappointment at the shortcomings that desis seem to universally maintain. But I must say that within my group of friends, I think the ups and downs served to only bring us closer together giving me a sense of family, and memories I know will last a lifetime.

The wedding took a lot out of all involved and resulted in my falling very behind in my studies. The semester is traveling at roller coaster speed and I must race to catch up. For this reason my postings until my last exam will be.. less.. and perhaps not at all. (Though its unlikely I’d quit all together in the month remaining since I find myself with most to say when there are more things than ever to do). If you think of me please keep me in your prayers. Its a race to the finish and I feel like I’m in last place.

18 thoughts on “Why weddings can cause a temporary blog hiatus”

  1. Hey Aisha!! It’s a totally different experience hosting a wedding so I hear ya!! It’s fun but it tires you out!And I wish you all the very best on your exams. Insh’allah you’ll do great!! Remembering you in my prayers,Enyur


  2. sounds like great fun and very tiring! good luck with catching up with work and stuff. i know what you mean about the blog hiatus – by the time i get on the net read everybody else’s blogs, i run out of time to post on my own! hehh


  3. Sounds like fun! But yes, they are a lot of work. When we went to Pakistan this winter I enjoyed that you could get cheap labor to do a lot of the work we all have to do ourselves here in the States!


  4. good luck with school chica, iA you’ll be in my du’as πŸ™‚and iA the wedding is in 31 days! we leave for doha a few weeks after that iA. pray for us pleeease πŸ™‚


  5. Saw the pictures on facebook – it looks like all of you did a wonderful job with planning and execution! I love the colors of desi weddings (at least from the pictures I’ve seen). I think you (and your friends) deserve congrats alongside the bride and the groom. Good luck with the rest of your term! You’ll rock it – you always seem to πŸ™‚ Can’t believe all that crazy stuff that you law student types manage to do…it may be a race to the finish but I’m sure you’re going to break through that tape at the line at full speed!


  6. Enyur, YM, ABCDlaw, Maliha, Sonia, Musical Chef, thanks for the well wishes πŸ™‚suroor, amen!Mezba, LOL That picture cracked me up. are you talking about the strange bunny ear shot?Shabina, wow mash’allah!!! You are in my duaas dearest. So happy for you!!Rehtwo, glad you could check the pictures on Facebook! It was exhausting but it was fun :0)


  7. I’m sure you’ll do fine. I’ll send a prayer your way. I just got done with a marathon wedding too, but the calm after the storm won’t last long. Come May, we’ve got about 6 desi wedding lined up this summer. I promise not to gift anything crystal this time. LOL! Good luck!


  8. Good luck on the finals and all that jazz…i promise to not help you procrastinate anymore. especially when it includes 2am phone convos. i love you too much to be a distraction (well, too much of a distraction) Can’t wait til May 11th!!


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