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three (or six!) beautiful things Thursday

Bird company. Upon our crepe myrtle right at eye level to my dining room window a robin has laid eggs. She’s keeps me company perched atop her nest as I sit at the dining table studying. Like me, she remains focused to her task, though we often catch each others eye as we peek over curiously at the other. When I look at her I think how boring it must be to sit hours on end in silence doing nothing. I wonder if she’s peeking at me wondering how boring it must be to sit in a large cage all day staring at a screen. I wonder if she is as perplexed by me as I am by her. Yet nevertheless, her quiet companionship is beautiful to me.

Being National Champions in basketball- again. Zainab called saying “Y’all won!” to which I responded with a slight yawn “I know, thanks” To which she starting laughing, “You say it like you had something to do with it” She’s right. I didnt even know it was final four time. Kashif managed to get tickets and I had no idea what he was talking about or that UF was even playing. So sue me, I dont follow sports, but I sure as heck will be proud when my alma mater REPRESENTS! In the interest of full disclosure, I lost my contacts watching the final two teams play off Monday and actually mentioned in a group of avid fans that I was surprised a larki (girl) was playing mens basketball after seeing the player on the left. I then stated that I was thrilled UF beat the Oakland Raiders. It was a momentary lapse and just because I’m not knowledable on college basketball (or basketball in general for that matter) does not mean I can’t be proud of my team!!

Y’all. Living in the South has its many disadvantages but being able to say y’all without anyone raising an eyebrow or looking at you funny almost balances the scale. Almost.

Scra*p*booking. I havent done it in four years and recently began doing it again. Its a way to be artistic while watching Ugly Betty. Art, whether it be writing poetry, or stories, or doodling henna patterns helps me forget my worries and center myself. Scrapbooking is a wonderful relaxation tool because you can be creative and relive wonderful, beautiful memories as you preserve them for the future.

The trial is OVER and for the record, I didnt recite the contents of the veggie burger to the jury. When I first started law school I thought I cant continue with law school if one day Ill have to do THAT. To have actually done it and done it in a manner that didnt result in the judge bursting into laughter or my co-counsel turning bright red with embarassment or the jurors feeling an inexplicable desire to eat a veggie burger at Mimi’s, well, it felt good.

Mehndi trays. Ive been kinda anti-desi on my blog lately but desi culture is undeniably beautiful. One of the three wedding days is the Mehndi (henna). The bride gets henna put on her hands in intricate patterns, and we dance, sing, and eat yummy food. Its the funnest of the three wedding days. A dear friend of ours is getting married this weekend, because he has no family here we’re filling in helping and doing the stuff a family would do such as tease him incessantly. One of the other ways we’re helping is making trays to hold the henna for the Mehndi. The trays will be filled with henna and a long candle in the tray’s center. The mehndi trays pictured are beautiful for because they were made in the company of friends, and being with good friends is always beautiful, they were made for a dear friend whose wedding I’m over the moon about, and well, they’re pretty! Two points re pic: 1) the bottle is ROOT BEER! 2) Please note the abstract mehndi tray to the bottom left corner of the picture. Is it not lovely and inspiring!? πŸ˜‰ If y’all dont like it then make sure to not leave me with random stuff and a glue gun. I can’t help it!

**allright, allright, so its tecknickally not Thursday yet… but oh well :0)

11 thoughts on “three (or six!) beautiful things Thursday”

  1. I LOVE mehndhi (as you probably guessed from my Facebook photo), and the mehndhi day is definitely the best part of the wedding. It’s when you (usually) steal the shoes! πŸ˜‰You should post the pics of the trays we made… they turned out great!


  2. You’re so lucky to have a close up of the robin in her nest! Take pics when they hatch. You can take a pic every few days so you can post a slide show and we can watch them grow. LOL.Basketball – I have completely no knowledge so I don’t even know what to say there. Y’all – I say it sometimes but it doesn’t have any twang attached. Do you say it like Britney Spears does? Hee hee.Scra*P*booking – (Typo – you need a “p” – sorry! There must be an editor inside me) – I used to scrapbook, too! It can be quite an expensive hobby though. I would get frustrated with how behind I was though so I ended up just doing the 1st year of each child’s life. I wish I had all the materials and energy to keep going.The Trial – CONGRATS! πŸ˜€Mehndi – I LOVE the way it looks and I did it once as a teenager (though it didn’t look that great since the guy at the Indian Grocery store could only give me vague instructions. LOL.) … I wish you lived closer so I could be invited to some of these functions. You guys look like you have so much fun.


  3. Tee, lol thanks for spotting the error. I am SOOOOO easily irritaed by typo-s. I’m not surprised you are too, lol. It can distract me from the whole book if I see a type-o in a chapter. I did the *P* as a tribute to you! πŸ™‚ Mystic, πŸ™‚ Yes…


  4. ROFL! … Ok, Aisha. Here is the big question. Have you ever corrected an error in a book with a pen or pencil – even if it belonged to the school/library?…(I have)… LOL. Strange because really I’m laid back – not a perfectionist about most things AT ALL. I guess we all have our quirks πŸ˜‰


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