Freezing baby squirrels

If you’ve seen me lately you probably thought, “She seems tired” If you so thunk, you indeed thunk right. I am very tired. In fact, at the moment I feel so exhausted that the thought of getting up to get a glass of water seems a task too onerous to actually attempt. Why? Squirrels, that’s why! There have been things bumping and scratching around in my attic and walls for a solid week. I called pest control who said the noises were likely squirrels that crawled in to bear young or escape from the cold. Thanks a lot pest control. Now I have to live with the guilt of kicking out poor baby squirrels from the attic. Note to self: Get images of freezing baby squirrels out of head. It’s actually not that difficult to keep from feeling guilty since I read about the damage they can do which just makes my stomach hurt, and results in my surfing the internet for inordinate amounts of time researching all things squirrel. It also keeps me up at night particularly when I can hear the pitter patter of little feet running through the walls. So if you see me around these days and I appear aloof and consuming illegal amounts of coffee, please know that its not you, and its not me- it’s the squirrels.

26 thoughts on “Freezing baby squirrels”

  1. dang girl, do you live in a house or an animal sanctuary? didnt you have birds in the garage at some point? at any rate, i would pat your arm sympathetically and shake my head in disgust at the squirrels if i was with you.

    yours, in solidarity.


  2. LOL. Maleeha thanks for making me laugh out loud. Ugh yo’ure right a bird did fly in my garage in October and refuse to leave.. yeah, that’s what you get for living near too many trees. JEEEZ 😦 Pest control said that the squirrel(s) probably hung from a tree near our house and just chewed away at the roof till they made a hole. dang Squirrels!


  3. It seems that a lot of people are having rodent problems at this time of year because of the cold. I’ve spotted a mouse in my kitchen a few times over the last few months, and the problem is: no type of trap or poison has worked, since I still see signs of its’ presence!! This is completely disgusting to me. And the only reason I don’t feel embarassed talking about it is because I have heard a lot of people complaining that they too have found a mouse in their home. Yuck.


  4. I understand on a much smaller scale. We had a mouse and I finally caught it in a humane trap. I took it far away from the house to release it but felt slightly guilty wondering if it had a nest of babies that were now abandoned. The guilt vanished as I cleaned up the disgusting mouse droppings in the cabinet though.

    Those squirrels could not only be causing damage but carrying disease. Are you going to get someone in there to get rid of them or wait until they leave in the Spring to clean up the mess and seal the attic so they can’t come back?

    To sleep better in the meantime try some “white noise” like a fan or humidifier, or even a TV on a “snow” channel, to block all their running about noises.

    Nighty night! πŸ˜‰


  5. Actually, this morning while I was shaving…I was thinking of shooting email to you..that are you getting bored or tired of blog?…And I got the answer….lol

    Hey…you have to protect your house..There is a line between be nice and be weak…


  6. LOL! We have had our battles with those little beasts too. I think ours actually set up an Indy track, unREAL!

    It bothered me but I swear it nearly sent my husband over the edge….”Man, the wires. They are going to chew the WIRES!” “Geez, our house is going to burn to the ground with them up there with the WIRES!” They do cause ridiculous amounts of damage but my man I just had to laugh at poor guy, lol!


  7. Anon, mice! 😦 Theres nothing to be embarrased about.. its not your fault… they are looking for a warm place to stay, that’s all.

    ams- as always your suggestions are exceedingly helpful (Naveed suggested we do a recon mission and put spicy biryani up there so they would be scared to venture in. I think he was making a “high quality” joke < -- the quotations he puts himself when referring to his jokes) Anonymouse, your kind of mice are welcome here :). I thought the same thing though “at least they arent mice” but I learned that squirrels are just as bad and are still rodents just furrier. GAG. (no offense ofcourse! :)) French, why dont you email me? That would be a lot more efficient. Suroor, haha my rifle is in the shop! πŸ˜‰ Pest control is coming on Thursday and its kind of funny b/c I’m not feeling good and need to make a doctors appointment and the doctor only has one apointmen topen and its tomorrow at 2:#0 and I said “oh man pest control is coming I an’t” she’s silent for a good ten seconds “ummmm can’t you reschedule pest control? This is your health” I was like LADY I HAVE SQUIRRELS IN MY ATTIC! SQUIRRELS!!! She hung up with me quite quickly after that lol πŸ™‚ Tee, I was going to wait till they left to close up the holes but they are really making a lot of noise and thats okay but I read that they can cause a lot of damnage and most frightening they are a major fire hazard. A coupe of our lights are already out and I am worried its b/c of the squirrels. 😦 Mystic, yeah I have to protect my house, in law its called “the castle doctrine” that your house is your castle an dyou can do what you must even kill to protect it from invasion, lol. (ofcourse they meant people not squirrels) I’m not going to kill the squirrel but live trap it and set it free far away. Momybloggr, I think they’re holding the Indy at my house this year!!! Seriously!!!! LOL that description is the best one!!! It is just like that. I am in your hubby’s shoes I am just like “the wires. the wires” and unlike your hubby probably, we are copletely home repair illiterate and would have to hire to fix everything which I will choose not to even think about right now! :(. How much damage did they end up causing by the way???


  8. Ah don’t worry about dumping the squirrels out in the cold – that’s where they belong… you live in the south and you are thinking like a northern liberal.. tsk tsk πŸ˜€


  9. LOL this post made me laugh my tush off! My DF had problems with mice in his house when he first boght the place. he was being very humane and traping them live and letting them go in the field acrss the road. Of course it was not helping get rid of them as they would just come running back across the road to the warm house. I finally convinced him he should get the traps that kill… and a cat. I’m happy to report there have been no problems since then.


  10. a few winters back we had a mother raccoon and her babies in our attic. animal control captured the (nursing) momma and euthanized her, i found out later. i called another guy who came and caught the babies, bottle fed them until they were old enough to feed themselves, then released them way out in the woods. we patched the hole they came in, and haven’t had any problems since then. although, we need new insulation up there, as they trampled it flat, and we need to paint the ceiling in the living room… they left their mark, unfortunately.


  11. LOL! Actually they didn’t cause any that amounted to anything. Ripped up some insolation to make a nest and considered the entire attic a public facility but other than that we made out fine.

    I think they make more racket than anything else….Well, lets hope so this time. πŸ™‚


  12. One humane (but smelly) suggestion is to find the scent(urine) of a predator animal like a bear or coyote and spray it around the outside of your house. It may not get rid of the ones that are already in there but it will deter any more from coming in.


  13. Aisha – I just had to come back here and tell you something.

    My Mom just sent me a message in chat and told me she took her car to the dealer today because her wipers and turn signal stopped working. It turns out squirrels chewed the wires and built a nest in there. My Dad is so angry because my Mom actually feeds the squirrels and attracts them around the house. ROFL.

    Also, my Mom called her insurance and it was covered under comprehensive. You should check your home insurance just in case.


  14. Mezba, lol, yeah I’m a bleedin liberal that feels guilty getting rid of pests. You should see my guilt stricken face when pulling weeds. Seriously.

    Amira glad I could humor you πŸ™‚ Btw if your fiancee wants to release mice humanely but not get back in the house, most of my research says you have to release them at least 3-10 miles from the home because otherwise they will come right back.

    Patience, welcome to the blog! We also will have to paint our ceilings at the end of this :(. Raccoons are huge though. I can only imagine the damage they did. I really really hope there are no Racoons up there. I can only imagine the hole that would create. Is replacing insulation very costly?

    Baji, LOL again, thanks for making me laugh, that is such a good point! They sound like teenagers now! πŸ™‚

    Momyblogr, I REALLY hope that the only issues is the noise and the whole they created :(. BTW- when they start running I think of your description of the indie and I start cracking up. Thanks for givin g me a new perspective to keep the humor! πŸ™‚

    Jane, that’s a good idea but hopefully pest control who I will be paying a hefty penny for will keep them out as they guaruntee too :(.

    TEE how crazy is that???? Squirrels are reading this blog and finding other sympathetic souls!!!! I KNEW IT! :). WOW in the car?!?! Jeez. Thanks for the tip on insurance. I will call my insurance actuyally and see if they will cover it if goes over my deductible.

    Koonj, they certainly are not cute. Not cute in the slightest! 😦


  15. Momyblogr, it keeps me smiling but when the lights flicker I really do freak out!

    Suroor insh’allah pest control is coming today but the weather is so bad I hope he doesnt bail on me 😦


  16. you’re tired over a few squirrels? oh! you don’t know tired! Let me tell you about having kids wake up all hours of the nite….

    lol, sorry… couldn’t resist the mamma drama! πŸ˜›


  17. Shaz oh ok…I’ll email you tonight about that. and I LOVE YOU for tying this post in with the baby mamma drama. I couldn’t stop laughing. I love how squirrels bring people together! πŸ™‚


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